Letter from the Editor

A girl holds balloons outside of E5.

Balloons at the Ice Cream Pop-Up Shoppe.
Photo Credits: Sara Li, 2B Systems Design Engineering

As I write this letter – and perhaps even as you read it – we find ourselves in that lovely golden week of September in which summer, after having briefly relented, returns in full swing. It won’t be long before the cold weather arrives for good, but for now it is nice to walk around Waterloo Park on a warm evening.

In this issue you will find some thought-provoking discussions on political figures who have recently passed, a first year student’s account of the term so far, and a review of a new restaurant that opened up in town. Keep an eye out for the Distractions, too.

While campus life may be subdued this term, there are still plenty of events at which you can socialize with your peers and enjoy copious quantities of free food. Just this week my room-mates attended the Ice Cream Pop-Up Shoppe and returned with not only ice cream but enough balloons to lift the house from Up.

Finally, I’d like to give a warm welcome to the many new Iron Warrior members who signed up in the past few weeks. We have an exciting term ahead of us! If you, too, are interested in writing for the Iron Warrior (or editing, – or taking photographs, for that matter), send me an email or fill out our sign-up form and I’ll get back to you shortly.

With that, I am signing off. Take care of yourselves, and get away from your computer every once in a while.

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