The Iron Warrior is the official newspaper of the University of Waterloo Engineering Society. We strive to provide relevant news, information, opinions, and content that will capture the attention of our audience; primarily the over 5,000 Engineering undergraduate students, as well as faculty and staff .

Complete information on the demographics of the Faculty of Engineering can be found at:

On a bi-weekly basis, 2,000 copies of The Iron Warrior are distributed across the Waterloo and Cambridge campuses. All 2,000 issues are read — many more than once! With a long-standing legacy as the newspaper of Waterloo Engineering, our intelligent and aware audience extends beyond our campus, as many alumni routinely read The Iron Warrior online. Plus, there are students on campus year-round, allowing you to reach more students at more times! Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you in obtaining our mutual goal of providing our audience with the information and content that matters to them!

The Iron Warrior will be operating fully online during the Summer 2020 term. The link below shows our Winter 2019 advertising rate card:

Winter 2019 – Iron Warrior Advertising Rate Card