Letter from the Editor: Autumn Has Arrived

Dear readers,

We hope you enjoyed your summer. Now, it’s time for another term in the cozy, chill season of autumn. To fellow first years entering Waterloo, we hope you are enjoying your experience here so far. And to students in upper years, welcome back to another term!

Ever since the pandemic in 2020, the Iron Warrior has had difficulties pushing out our articles via physical copies. But there is hope on the horizon. This term, the club will finally be able to release physical copies of our for the first time since the start of 2020! It’s about damn time!

We have a plethora of newcomers to the team who are bringing new articles/content to our newspaper. From the things engineers are complaining about to poetry about headaches to Canada dominating in the FIBA World Cup, there is plenty of new content coming along to readers soon. 

I’m writing this right now in the midst of studying for midterms, trying to finish up loads of assignments, and looking for a co-op on top of that. Probably should’ve done this earlier to avoid this conundrum, but here we are, I guess. Balancing school and extracurriculars can be a daunting task to anyone. But to whoever is reading this, make sure you rest every once in a while to avoid burnout and stress. We are all getting through this tough period in the term as students and mistakes do happen. I know we’re going to be alright at the end of the day. Keep fighting. I believe in you!

I hope everyone has a great fall term and best of luck towards finishing your assignments and preparing for finals in which the latter is coming sooner than people expect unfortunately. 

For more information about our club, feel free to email us at theironwarrior@gmail.com. Happy reading!


Athavan (Editor-In-Chief)

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