Letter From the Editor: Welcome to Spring!

New members are always welcome at our meetings!

Hi readers!

Welcome to the spring term, where baby geese will be born and the sun stays out long enough that it won’t be dark outside when your 4PM lecture is over. I personally am grateful for that second one.

Our team will be publishing some amazing articles throughout this term, with fully web-based publication continuing on a rolling issue format for now. Special thanks to former EIC Athavan for helping me get things started and answering all my annoying questions. I also want to thank my best friend Kirsten for teaching me how to make an Instagram post. If you’re looking for something fun to do this summer as a writer, editor, photographer, or puzzle-maker, consider joining The Iron Warrior team! We meet on Tuesdays at 6pm in DWE 3520A. You can also email us at theironwarrior@gmail.com for an invite to our Discord server.

As a Kitchener native (which I have mentioned in previous articles), I can say with complete confidence that there are lots of fun things you can do in the K-W area this summer. To save space reiterating what I’ve already written about in the past, if you’re interested, I have talked about it in my K-W Survival Guide here (and gave readers a little local geography lesson). Please take a break from studying and go outside every once in a while; it’ll make you feel better. I’m writing that as a message to myself as well as all of you.

One word of advice about spending time outside, though: beware of the geese poop. It’s everywhere, and you definitely want to avoid stepping in it. Within a couple of weeks, it’ll be second nature to you to modify your walking path mid-step because of it.

I have an exciting announcement: This term, we will be introducing a new advice column, a somewhat-revival of Dear Darla. It’s called Martha Speaks, and it’s here to answer questions from our readers! Email your submission to theironwarrior@gmail.com and it will potentially be answered in an upcoming issue (your letter will be anonymous if it is published).

Normally, I’d probably be writing an article about sports, specifically the NHL Playoffs. This year has been one for first round upsets, with both the defending champions (Colorado Avalanche) and the best team in the regular season (Boston Bruins) getting eliminated in the first round. Of course, I’d be cruel if I didn’t mention that the Toronto Maple Leafs won a playoff series for the first time since 2004. Leaf fans can relax now knowing that their team is no longer the biggest meme in the NHL. While they managed to avoid being swept in the second round by the Florida Panthers, they ultimately lost in five games, extending their Stanley Cup drought to 56 years. Canada’s Stanley Cup drought, though, will unfortunately go on for another year, as the Edmonton Oilers lost their second round series to the Vegas Golden Knights in six games.

On another note, we received a lovely welcome back gift this term — the WaterlooWorks co-op postings began on the first day of classes. In fact, I’m currently writing this letter instead of applying to more jobs. For the first two cycles, some employers will be conducting in-person interviews at the Tatham Centre for the first time since pre-COVID. It’s crazy to think that this was normal previously; many people (including myself) have only ever had virtual co-op interviews that having one in-person feels a bit strange. Hopefully you brought some interview-appropriate pants to Waterloo this term!

The open WaterlooWorks tabs on my computer are beckoning me to return to them. Best of luck to everyone on their job search!


Julia (Editor-In-Chief)

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