Aries:  On your upcoming midterms, it is imperative that you do the first question last. This is the key to your success. Your lucky GRT Route: 16 Strasbourg-Belmont.

Taurus: The large, slightly lumpy cookies at the C&D are usually oatmeal raisin, not chocolate chip. Bear this in mind in the following weeks to avoid tragedy. Your lucky GRT Route: 31 Columbia.

Gemini: Keep an eye out for rogue energies at DC basement printers, carpeted hallways, and the campus Chatime. Your lucky GRT Route: 21 Elmira.

Cancer: The search for a co-op placement may seem daunting, but don’t apply for Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp just yet. Good fortune is soon to come. Your lucky GRT Route: 10 Pioneer.

Leo: In lieu of a written fortune, the stars request that you visualize three polyhedrons orbiting within a hollow sphere. Your lucky GRT Route: 33 Huron.

Virgo: A pivotal breakthrough in your underwater basket weaving app is on the horizon. Your lucky GRT Route: 29 Keats-University.

Libra: The inexplicable urge to visit the Clay & Glass gallery will cross your mind next week. Your lucky GRT Route: 8 Weber.

Scorpio:  It may be wise to avoid locations, individuals, entities, and nightclubs starting with “P” and ending with “hil’s” in the following week. Your lucky GRT Route: 9 Lakeshore.

Sagittarius: Don’t let your nostalgia for lime scooters lull you into impulsive decisions this week. Your lucky GRT Route: 5 Erb.

Capricorn: You will read a horoscope today. And tomorrow, possibly. Your lucky GRT Route: 7 King.

Aquarius: A group assignment with interesting characters is in your immediate future. Your lucky GRT Route: 12 Westmount.

Pisces: You will receive important news from somebody with an inspirational quote and possibly even a jpeg in their email signature. Your lucky GRT Route: 19 Hazel.


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