Engineering Horoscopes

Photo Credits: Cathy Quan, 3B Life Physics

Disclaimer: These are all just for fun! Good luck to all engineering students during this particularly busy time in the term!

Architectural: Your portfolio likely needs updating before you can apply to more co-op postings. This will likely take much more work than you first think it will. Good thing the job postings close at 9am, so you can stay up all night submitting your applications. Your lucky GRT route: 8 Weber

Biomedical: Indecisiveness will plague you during your midterms and you might feel the need to erase an entire question, only to rewrite it again basically identical to the way it was before. Make sure to consider how much time you have left before doing this. Your lucky GRT route: 29 Keats-University

Chemical: Imperial units could be sneaking their way into your midterms and upcoming assignments. Don’t forget about those pesky conversions to avoid ripping your hair out, and hope your final answers are in the unit that you need on the first try. Your lucky GRT route: 33 Huron

Civil: The upcoming deadline of your case study will bring you misfortune. Remember to keep your expectations as to how related it will end up being to the course content very low. Your lucky GRT route: 7 King

Computer/Electrical: You might feel like time is playing tricks on you these next few weeks, almost as if the hours are passing by slower than usual. However, one day while enduring hour 4 of a circuits lab, you’ll realize the only trick being played on you was the illusion that you’d be able to finish a circuits lab in the given 3-hour time period. Your lucky GRT route: 12 Westmount

Environmental/Geological: The urge to go out in nature and feed the geese will randomly overpower you during this stressful time in the term. Do not (under any circumstances) give in to this urge. Remember, the geese are especially aggressive during mating season and going near them might result in losing a finger or two. Your lucky GRT route: 21 Elmira

Management: Someone might ask you what program you’re in this week because they forgot Management Engineering exists. Ignore them, they’re clearly just ignorant to what management engineers do…which is what, exactly? Your lucky GRT route: 31 Columbia

Mechanical/Mechatronics: Be sure to save all your CAD files regularly because having too many projects open at once might cause SolidWorks to crash your computer. Wouldn’t want your assignment to accidentally delete itself at 11:58pm right when you’re about to submit it! Your lucky GRT route: 201 Fischer-Hallman

Nanotechnology: Although the co-op search may be frustrating, don’t get discouraged just yet. Not all of the postings you apply to can be filled by Chemical and Software students now that many of them secured employment during Cycle 1. Your lucky GRT route: 14 Bathurst

Software: For absolutely no reason, your IDE will suddenly decide it hates all of your intents and tell you they are inconsistent no matter what settings you change or how many times you retype them. Try to persevere and not smash your computer, chances are you will eventually fix it (but as soon as it’s fixed, you won’t remember how you did it). Your lucky GRT route: 10 Pioneer

Systems Design: You will design a system or whatever it is that you guys do. Your lucky GRT route: 19 Hazel

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