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PSA: A Guide to Studious Triumph

For those of you who haven’t yet reached your studious potential, I just wanted to remind you that exams are soon. Very soon. As in, you may have one within a single digit day of reading this. So, for those of you who, like me, should be studying but aren’t, here are some of my study tips:

Under NO circumstance should you procrastinate your studying. Unless, of course, you’re writing a study habit guide for the Iron Warrior Newspaper. Passing on knowledge to peers is always a good use of time, so is it really procrastinating?

During the exam season, don’t forget to visit some Greek Life events. After all, everyone always says that teaching is the best way to learn. In my opinion, there is no better environment to teach a WLU business major about the complex workings of calculus than the warm and cozy confines of a good frat party.

AVOID campfires. They will make your jacket smell for a week. Not to mention the allergies that will fill your long hours in the library with anxiety as you try to quiet your obnoxious sniffling. 

I have a friend with a crazy game addiction. Whether it’s video games or cards, they do not sleep. I have two choices. The responsible thing to do is to drag their a** to the library with me so we can grind out our last minute studying together. Is that what I do? No. Is that what you should do? Yes. So what exactly do I do? Easy. I text them to see if they’re down for some Fortnite.

After doing everything above, you may find yourself lacking sufficient time to prepare for your exams. The solution is simple: last minute midnight cramming with your bestie: caffeine. Whether it’s calculus, linear algebra, or mechanics, caffeine has your back. 

Good luck on your exams, Warriors! The term is almost over, so you’ll soon have another clean slate. And whenever your courses seem to be getting too hard, just remember you chose to be here.

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