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Fashion Is A Joke

Image Courtesy of VOGUE under fair use.

Has anyone seen the pee stain jeans from JORDANLUCA in their fall and winter 2023 collection? How much longer until we get poop stain jeans, or sweat stain shirts to complete the look? Before I judge too harshly and drag the design, I should mention the pee stain jeans actually sold out! If you were/are planning to purchase a pair, it might be time to DIY them yourself and start drinking water because you will not be able to get your hands on an original from JORDANLUCA. And that’s not even taking into account the $800 price tag. JORDANLUCA isn’t the only designer brand that has come out with ridiculous designs. Maison Margiela released glue splash shoes a few years ago that look very questionable to say the least.

BUT CATHY!!! These designers are just expressing themselves creatively. They’re exploring new concepts and trying to push themselves to create new pieces!!! No. There’s a fine line between fashion and clothes, but what about the line where fashion becomes ridiculous? Because fashion isn’t meant to be worn everyday, like clothes are, that’s the difference. Your crop top from Forever 21 isn’t fashion and Tyla’s sand dress from the 2024 Met Gala isn’t clothing, considering Tyla wasn’t even able to walk or else the sand moulded on her would crack. I’m all for innovation and expression but urine stains on denim…what does that tell me? That they don’t have control over their bladder? Maybe I just don’t get the vision for these pants. Because on one hand it’s just clothing, they’re jeans, but then what makes them fashionable is a pee stain on the front. 

Okay, enough about the pee jeans. Balenciaga is a designer brand notorious for releasing both hideous and ridiculous fashion pieces, most notably being their shoe collection. One look at their website will show you exactly what I mean. For just the cost of your own net worth, you too can look like Big Bird from Sesame Street but in pink! Or if that isn’t your style, you can purchase pre-dirtied running shoes!

At the end of the day, not all designers and designer brands are like this. There are plenty of talented designers and brands that make innovative and beautiful pieces. Next time you see a fashion show, or a new collection from that designer or brand you like, think about if what you’re seeing is really fashion, clothing, or a test to see what they can mark up and disguise as fashion.

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