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My Top Ten Songs of the Term

I’ve been a music girlie for a long time. I have a billion playlists for different vibes with titles like “crisp air”, “screaming throwing up losing my voice”, and “running from the patriarchy 🏃”, to name a few. So, in no particular order, below are ten of my favourite songs that I’ve been playing on repeat for the past couple of months that I strongly recommend you check out.

1. If There Was a Man – The Pretenders

The vibe of this song is immaculate. I can play whole storylines in my head while listening to it. It’s romantic and dramatic and makes me feel like I should be on a cliff with the wind in my hair during golden hour. It’s definitely the kind of song that transports me, and I think that it needs more recognition.

2. bad idea right? – Olivia Rodrigo

To me, this is easily the best song on the GUTS album. Some of the others are great, but there’s nothing more chaotic and scream-worthy than bad idea right?  Can I relate to the message in any way whatsoever? Nope. But is it the kind of song that 7 year old me would absolutely kill lip syncing to without knowing the actual meaning of the song? Yes. And is it a song I actually do visibly lip sync to on my walk home from school? Yes. So if you see a crazy woman vibing on campus, don’t worry, it’s just me.

3. All You Wanna Do – SIX and Samantha Pauly

I recently watched the musical SIX and I was not disappointed. It was phenomenal. All the songs by the original Broadway cast are amazing, but All You Wanna Do was one that I started listening to by vibing and then ended up tearing up to. Samantha Pauly’s performance is incredible – her vocal range is so impressive, and the emotions she evokes are so powerful. It helps that the song is so cleverly written, but the performance itself is one that will always be able to make me cry.

4. ur so pretty – Wasia Project

If you’ve watched Heartstopper, you might know this song. With William Gao (the actor who plays Tao Xu) on piano and his sister Olivia Hardy on vocals, ur so pretty is a delicate and passionate song which makes it so easy to fall into the fake scenarios I create in my head. The lyrics are so raw and real, helping me fall in love with the song and the band itself. 

5. When He Sees Me – Sara Bareilles

Never has a song so rudely called me out upon first listening to it. If you overthink relationships, this is the song for you. The way I learned the lyrics in less than a day so I could sing the song at the top of my lungs in my room is crazy (Well, when I’m back home that is; don’t think my roommates would appreciate that). The balance between wanting a relationship but being scared of what kind of people are out there (both in a positive and negative context) is so well done, and I absolutely love it.

6. Trashboi – Flyana Boss

The lyrics of Trashboi are so clever, as I find with most of Flyana Boss’ work. I can definitely say that the duo’s work is not for everyone, but I really enjoy the vibe they have and I really appreciate their lyricism. They make some really fun songs that are super fun to dance and sing to with some sass.

7. Soleil Soleil – Pomme

What would this list be without a bit of French? Soleil Soleil  has a depth and passion to it that I think is difficult to find in songs nowadays. The lyrics are beautifully written, relatable, and so timely with the changing seasons. Additionally, Pomme’s vocals are so pretty, and become hauntingly beautiful around the 1:55 mark of the song (my favorite part). I absolutely love her work and will continue to follow her releases.

8. Hypotheticals – Lake Street Dive

Once again, this is a song that I find really relatable. The lyrics are well-written and clever, and the musicality is excellent. Hypotheticals is a song that builds really well and is really fun, especially if you like making scenarios in your head while you walk, but also when singing with your friends. 

9. I Don’t Listen To You  – Delilah Bon

This is a highlight on my “running from the patriarchy” playlist. Delilah Bon is a fierce and passionate singer who writes songs in a style she defines as “Brat Punk”. Her songs are very powerful and hold a lot of meaning for me. While I adore her music, every single one of my friends that I showed her music to did not like how… vicious… it is, so it may not be to your taste. However, I encourage the angry feminists who are reading to give Delilah Bon a shot. 

10. My Moon – Jess Benko

My Moon  is an incredibly pretty and romantic song. It has a soft and delicate sound that I like listening to when I’m in my feels and lying on my kitchen floor in the dark. It has a very distinct vibe to it which I feel is very relatable, making it iconic, assuming you like Benko’s general style. 

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