Friends: The Reunion: The Review

Friends, the show that stole thousands of hearts and made millions of people laugh throughout the world, finally had its awaited reunion this past Thursday (May 27).

Did the reunion meet the expectations of the fans?


Keep reading to find out!


Disclaimer: The Friends Reunion was not a continuation of the series, where we could see the main characters after many years. Instead, it was a nearly two-hour reunion where we could see the experience of the actors with the show, bloopers, fun facts, and the impact on their lives. Therefore, there is not really any spoiler in this review!


In the first moments of the reunion, we can see the main actors on the set of the show after seventeen years. It was the first time all the actors were in one room since the finale episode aired in 2004, and it was a very emotional moment to see.


Then, James Corden interviewed the cast, writers, and many special guests from the show. We learned about how important and difficult the casting process was for the main cast. Then, the main actors started to talk about the show, recreate iconic scenes by reading their scripts, and more.


This reunion was a gift for the fans of this magnificent show that gave a couple of friends to millions of people, even if some believe that in the last couple of seasons, the quality was not the same. It is impossible to deny that the chemistry between the main characters was the heart of the show, and that was the result of the strong bond and friendship between the actors. Consequently, everyone wanted to see the ending of these friends.


As a fan of the show, I truly believe the reunion was an enjoyable event, but I would have loved to see more of the actors that interpreted side characters such as Ben (Cole Sprouse), Emma (Noelle and Cali Sheldon), and Mike (Paul Rudd) among others.


Overall, the reunion was a very entertaining, emotional, and fun event for the show’s fans, but if you have not watched the show, you are probably not going to like this reunion. At the same time, some fans might feel this was a wasted opportunity to see our favourite characters once again. However, the writers and actors stated that the show’s ending was a perfect closure for the series, and there is no need for a new storyline. Therefore, they sadly closed the door for a future Friends’ movie or special episode.


To conclude, if you are a fan of the show and still have not watched it, what are you waiting for?


The reunion is already streaming on HBO Max!

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