Welcome to Spring Term!

Good afternoon readers, and welcome to the beginning of what will hopefully be the last fully online academic term of the pandemic.

There are some exciting undertakings happening at The Iron Warrior this term. We welcomed three new members to the team and bid farewell to one graduating member. We are launching a social media and advertising overhaul to increase article accessibility. We have also planned for some cool new pieces and projects sure to keep you informed and entertained this summer, including a column on houseplant care.

Perhaps most exciting, we are looking forward to returning at least in part to campus, and are preparing to resume physical print issues for the Fall 2021 term! In the meantime, we will be continuing with the fully web-based, rolling issue format for our publications, posting articles throughout the term on the Iron Warrior website: https://iwarrior.uwaterloo.ca/.

I am writing this in my backyard under full midday sun, and I think I have begun to feel the symptoms of heatstroke. Before I go inside and drink/swim in a bucket of ice water, I wish all new and ongoing readers a warm (well, maybe a cool) welcome to the Iron Warrior. We are looking forward to a busy, and hopefully not-too-hot, summer term!

Ella Walsh, with Nela Jankechova

Co-Editors-in-Chief, Summer 2021

If you’ve got a scoop, or you’re looking for something to do this summer, join our team! Send a message to @theironwarrior_uw on Instagram, or email theironwarrior@gmail.com. We are always excited to welcome new contributors in writing, editing, media development, advertising, and special projects.

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  1. Nela

    The dog is so cute! Is that your dog, Ella?

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