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PCPCPCPCP: WatchSeriesHD.tv, the Semi-Legal Streaming Site to Turn to

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Counterpoints to this Point:

For those who don’t have Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Max, or cable television, streaming television shows is the only option. Even people who have the platforms previously mentioned may use streaming sites, as the series they want to watch isn’t offered in their subscription or doesn’t air in their country. This begs the question: is there truly a better semi-legal streaming site that has changed domains multiple times and is filled with suspicious ads and pop-ups? That answer, unequivocally, is no, there is not. That is why there is no better site to watch all your television shows than watchserieshd.tv.

Sometimes there’s such a lack of variety on your Netflix queue. After watching all of The Office, Brooklyn 99, or Glee for the seventh time, you find yourself turning to Riverdale, and that just won’t do. Instead of a misguided algorithm, watchserieshd.tv changes its main dashboard every single day. It’ll introduce you to all the greatest TV shows that you didn’t know you didn’t need in your life. Do you really need to watch Season 55 of The Days of Our Lives, Season 25 of The Pioneer Woman or Season 12 of Graveyard Carz? No. But aren’t you happy that you now get to learn about the existence of those shows? That also has to be a definite no.

In addition, watchserieshd.tv has every variety of ad that will give your computer a virus. From side pop-ups that tell you that “Your Norton May Have Expired” (when you don’t even have Norton Antivirus software) to blocky ads appearing on every tab to warn you that “it’s impossible to last 5 minutes playing this game,” the website is a high-risk version of Minesweeper. It’s a site that keeps you on your toes and ready to navigate any suspicious websites. By having to close not only pop-ups on the site, but new tabs that pop up as well, webserieshd.tv allows you to play a game with the satisfying end reward of low-quality television.

The best part about watchserieshd.tv is that it acts as a host for a multitude of other streaming sites. Unlike Putlocker or KissAnime – sites that usually have only one or two different streaming options per television episode – watchserieshd.tv often has upwards of 10 different links per single episode. This means that you have not only a variety of sites to fall back on if one doesn’t work, but also that you have the ability to find the site that works best for you. Plus, the website really lives up to its domain. Every link offered actually shows the episode in fairly high quality. While it may be a stretch to call it HD, it’s definitely a step up from the 144p streams offered by other sites.

Lastly, the website is designed with red and white as its primary colour scheme. Unlike Putlocker’s bright green and KissAnime’s neon orange, the design of watchserieshd.tv doesn’t burn your retinas when you open the webpage. And, if nothing else, the website provides you with quality television and the ability to be patriotic.

Therefore, watchserieshd.tv is, without a doubt, the semi-legal streaming site to turn to when Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Crave TV, HBO Max, Starz, Disney+ and every other subscription site fails.

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