Letter from the Editor Vol. I: I’m back

So, I’m back! Temporarily at least. Did you miss my rambling? For those of you who don’t know, I was editor last term. Excuse us for the late issue, we’ve had a complicated start this term. Nonetheless, we’ve got a great issue for you.

Dear Darla is back! We’ve also introduced Miss Irene Wray. Follow up with the next issue for more details on her. Darla also takes your questions. E-mail theironwarrior@gmail.com with your questions. I was delighted to see that the horoscopes include my lucky GRT route. I’ll make sure to take the Elmira bus at some point. I’m not on campus this term, so I had to miss all the shenanigans of disorientation week, luckily someone took some photos. So if you’re like me, catch up here. Finally, Ewan and Samridhi collaborated on probably the best Point/Counterpoint I’ve ever read. The crossword is really punny this time. Yonael wrote the clues for me.

Nela (crossword 43 down) has been a fantastic co-editor for this issue. This term, we’re doing something a little different. Every issue will have two editors. This is an attempt to make transitions for future editors a little easier for everyone. We’re really excited to present this issue to everyone.

We will only have two more issues this term.

What’s happening on campus right now? I usually write a little bit about this in my editorials but I don’t know. I’m not here. GRT strike was a thing. That was a bummer. WUSA election came and went. Congratulations to Team Vision. Fourth years went wild at IRS. There was a bouncy castle in QNC?

Now news blitz!

It’s been rough so far.

Teachers are on strike. This really baffles me. Why is this still happening? Why doesn’t the public demand a fair deal? Why don’t people understand what this strike is all about? I feel like everyone knows a teacher.

The Iowa caucus was a disaster. I’ve recently started watching The Bachelor and I can’t decide what’s a bigger mess: 30 women competing for marriage on reality TV or the Democratic leadership race. An app broke; phones were backed up. The results were confusing. No one really knew the winner.

Coronavirus. It’s still bad. More on that inside.

Australia. This breaks my heart. This really should be the evidence we need to do something drastic about climate change. We need to do something big.

Trump was acquitted. Sigh. Impeachment was fun while it lasted.

Let’s pretend January never happened. At least Wiarton Willie called for an early spring. So that’s something.

Valentine’s is this week. I love Valentine ’s Day for two reasons. Firstly, conversation hearts. Secondly, cinnamon hearts. I feel like Valentine ’s Day has really polarizing candy. You either love them or hate them.

So that’s all from me. Happy Valentine’s day and have a wonderful reading week!


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