Iron Inquisition Feb ’20

Antonio P. – 1B Chemical Engineering:

“A surgical mask, garden clippers, and antifreeze.”


Jay B. – 1B Computer Science:

“A Coke bottle, 10 packs of Mentos, and a screw.”


Nick Z. – 1B Mechatronics Engineering:

“Bread, olives, and peanut butter.”


Duru U. – 1B Biomedical Engineering:

“I like Home Depot, so if I was there… 300 ft of metal chains (because that’s weird), 3 gallons of hand sanitizer, and rat poison.”


Ayden C. – 1B Biomedical Engineering:

“An axe, gasoline, and a lighter.”


Aadam N. – 1B Biomedical Engineering:

“A butcher’s knife, a big bird costume, and garbage bags.”

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