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ECE Society – The Newest Departmental Engineering Society

If you have been to the fourth floor of E7 lately, you might have noticed a new addition to the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. They now have their own ECE society and legend has it that they are everything you would want your departmental society to be.
While most engineering departments in the school have had a society for years, ECE has just now created a society of its own. The conception of the Society took place about a year ago when after class one day, Kristopher Sousa, an ECE undergrad decided approached Derek Wright, the professor who was teaching the class, who agreed that ECE needed a society.  The whole department thought it was a good idea, but had no clue how to make it a reality. Sousa took it upon himself to create polls on group chats to gauge how students would respond.
The idea was met with tremendous support and the people who founded the society ended up becoming the first executive team for the ECE Society, with Kristopher Sousa as the A-Soc President. Executive elections for the B-Soc Executives are scheduled to happen at the end of this term. The executives are to be spread across different years and streams in ECE. Through the elections, on and off stream executives will be elected. As an executive, the responsibilities, depending on the role, may include meeting with the department faculty, making ECE a more social program by holding events, updating the website, finding and recruiting people in the Society, and many more. Managing people is the main role of the President of the Society.
The Society runs a bunch of really fun events throughout the term. These included a kick off ceremony, a virtual reality night, bowling at Kingpin, and regular events called ECE Smashes where students can play Super Smash Bros in the ECE Society lounge.
The Society also holds general meetings with the goals of ratifying big document changes, supporting events and getting feedback. These meetings are a great way to have your voice heard as an ECE student by bringing forward points of concern in the department.
The ECE Society is located in E7 4446 and their Facebook page is called UW Electrical and Computer Engineering Society. This is where they post all their events and announcements. The ECE society also wants to work with other societies and departments to build a community. If you want to get involved check out the Facebook page or simply go to the office!

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