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Just kidding. Alright so thanks for picking up a copy of the second issue of the Iron Warrior. For this issue, I want to extend my thanks to Leah, who helped out with comics for this issue. If you ever want to be featured in this paper with a comic, shoot me a message/drawing and I’ll probably put it in. Samridhi once again is really helpful during production weekend, and major shoutouts to Michelle Liu for writing the front page article. Be sure to check out all the aforementioned bits of the newspaper, as well as the Iron Inquisition. This was the first time I did it myself, and I was surprised to get a few bits out of the question. Those involved were really funny and I think it turned out great.
I noticed some clerical errors in my last issue, particularly with the EngSoc calendar: coffe house instead of coffee, 5:30AM – 7:30PM event instead of PM, and an extra space between the time and “PM” of Thursday 24 Charity BBQ. All of these mistakes are not my fault; it’s the fault of those who don’t check over the newspaper when I send the draft out. Just kidding I love you all, but I tend to be a bit stringent when I can. I don’t like the idea of being a perfectionist, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be perfect in some instances in my life. And I messed up the EngSoc calendar with 3 small clerical errors. I have failed you all.
Voting is next week. Go vote. I’m travelling back to my hometown to vote in my riding as well as see my family, so be informed please. Aaron Propp gave a good summary last issue about the different parties and what they stand for. As this issue releases, voting day will be the following day. Get your voter cards, IDs, and anything else that you need so that your politician of choice can win in your riding.
Fun fact about me: this is the first time I’m getting interviews in first round (not counting a coding challenge I received in 2A). And I have quite a few interviews. It feels nice to actually have something going for me, as obtaining a co-op was always the hardest part of university for me. But things are looking good. Just keep putting hard work in and some results will surface. However, this means wearing a suit pretty often and it’s getting really hot now. That means the same suit pretty much every day. I also only own one suit and shirt and tie, so I have to consistently wash stuff to ensure I’m not smelly, but at least the interviews have been going pretty well. I love wearing suit pants; I find them really comfortable. I like really tight, hugging pants, and accompanied with the professional appearance of a suit, the confidence build helps for interviews. Doesn’t help as much when walking between classes, especially since I’m still going to be fasting for about two more weeks. So here are some tips to keep cool in this blazing hot weather.
Water. “Drinking lots of water keeps you hydrated and cool.” That’s a quote I stole from someone named Captain Obvious. Dumb jokes aside, stay hydrated, but make your water a little more interesting if you want. Try putting some ice cubes in your water bottle, or a slice of lemon or other fruit. Sparkling water is also a good choice. While the taste is somehow bad, my sister enjoys it for some reason and shares the idea of a cold aluminum can on your skin cooling you further. Second, carry a small Japanese fan. I have two, and they are super duper clutch. I was waiting for a lab to start just on Thursday, and the hallway outside the lab was blazing hot, so I was able to use the fan to cool me and my friends. In orientation week 2016, I used this fan liberally, which even coined me with the nickname “fan guy” in my residence. Third (which might be a little persuasive, but trust me) is to not skip class. I know some of these places around the university have no air conditioning. Although a fan may help, it can only make the air so cold. Which is nice if you have a small room like mine, but the benefits of going to class to sit in an air conditioned room outweighs a small tower fan. Sitting in class underneath the cool air vents will ensure your sweating is kept to a minimum. Finally, a more optional solution is to move way up north. It’s pretty cold there right now, so just leave and never return. Enjoy the bliss of cool weather as long as you can. If anything, just come back to Waterloo in the winter to return to the same cold, harsh winds.
Rant time: work to do. I’ve got a work term report to edit and bind (due Wednesday), interviews everyday apart from Monday, a lab due during midterm week, a lab this week to do a pre-lab for and write a report which is also due during midterms, and oh yeah, another lab during midterms. Such is the life of a Nano student. I also have to go home and vote, and on top of all that I have to study for midterms, and also make sure I get articles for the issue that will be prepared the weekend after midterms. How am I going to get through this? I don’t know but I’ve done it before so I’ll just do what I regularly do? Right now I have a tunnel to go through, and the light at the end of that tunnel is rankings. I currently have a job offer from one of the companies that interviewed me, so hopefully if everything else fails for the other companies, I can take solace in the job that has already given me an offer. Also, it’s a good company I would work for, so it’s a win-win. My family’s also been super helpful in this respect so big shoutout to them. Love ya.
Let’s talk about Shinwa. This isn’t a paid advertisement or anything, but I just tried it yesterday, and honestly for a plaza restaurant it’s not bad. I tried the Shinwa fried rice, and although the rice was a little bit hard and not super flavoursome, with some chili sauce it was good. Also the shrimp in the rice was plentiful; they didn’t’ skimp out, and I finished the whole thing in one sitting. I’m definitely going back there. It’s definitely above Aunty’s and other terrible restaurants, but I’d still put it below some of the more popular ones (even Lazeez to be honest). However, I’ve only tried one dish, and will have to sample more dishes to get a better idea. The interior looks nice, and apparently they also serve halal meat, which is a huge incentive for me to go back to try more of their dishes, like the soups and chow meins. I’m a huge fan of Asian cuisine, and there’s some hakka dishes on the menu I want to taste. I’ll probably go tonight and eat out again even though it’s not amazing for my bank account. But whatever, I’m young, hip, and full of life. One problem with this restaurant (which isn’t really a problem) is that they surcharge on credit and debit under $10. So I recommend paying cash over there if you get a chance. Although this kind of sucks, it’s not exactly uncommon, and the server I interacted with was really nice and I left a generous tip.
While I’m talking about the plaza, I’m going to mention my current best plaza deals. Shawarma plus 2 for $14 (I think used to be $10) is awesome, and the Pita Factory factory dinner is pretty good. Kabob Hut also has a biryani special on Friday that regularly sells out, so eat it soon if you have the chance. Subway’s sub of the day is always a good choice, and combo’d, can be a pretty good meal. Panino’s is decent if you consider you’re paying for two meals due to the portion size, and if you get a lot of Sriracha, you can up the flavour of the dishes. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to food, but I also do have high expectations, but not from the plaza. That’s why I always advise to shop for deals here, and cook good food when you can. Plaza’s my go-to during exam time too, and although some of these places close at 11:00PM-ish, there’s enough places open to give you a good selection at late hours of the night.
Okay now BAD places of the plaza. Again, not like a paid attack or anything, and these opinions are my own, but listen to my opinion if you want. Aunty’s: absolutely not. Anyone who knows my personal story with them will know to avoid it. Long story short: H. pylori. Other bad places: Campus Pizza, but only if you store the pizza in the fridge and try to eat it later. Eating it fresh is really the only good opportunity to get a good slice. I tend to judge pizza on the availability to be eaten later, since I like to order whole pizzas and then eat them periodically. And the last place is First Choice Haircutters. Terrible food, but they take coupons, so make your judgement based on that.
Alright your issue-ly word is perovskite, specifically the solar cells. They have the same structure as the actual mineral, and harvest light for solar cells. They’re generally lead-based or tin halide based, and a common material is methylammonium lead halide. If you want to learn more, there’s a TED Talk titled “Uncovering a radical discovery in solar energy” by Sam Stranks, explaining the potential viability of these structures. Obviously as a Nano, I like this kind of stuff, but if you’re in mechanical reading this and want me to share something related to your program, send me an email. I’ll include it if it’s cool enough. Right now they’re pretty lead-based materials but lead is bad for you kids. Don’t ingest it and definitely don’t bathe in it. Also, the “lead” in your pencil isn’t lead, it’s graphite. So join me in saying that you need to sharpen your pencil graphite, or get some graphite for your mechanical pencil. Change the lexicon. Be rebellious. Fight the power.
Okay that’s editorial two again 19 hours from my own imposed deadline. Sayonara and good luck on midterms.

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