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Kevin Veloso - 4N Software
Posted on: September 5, 2011

Hello first-year Software students! One of the most frequent questions asked by incoming students is, “What’s the different between Software Engineering (SE), Computer Engineering, and Computer Science?” Software Engineering focuses more on programming software systems from an engineering standpoint. Computer Engineering is directed towards digital hardware design, while Computer Science (CS) examines programming from a more theoretical standpoint. In first year, your courses will mostly resemble the same courses that Computer Engineering students take, with a couple from CS. As you trek through Software, you’ll understand the differences between these three programs.

Software Engineering has some useful resources located in the Davis Centre (DC). The SE office is located on the second floor. You can find and talk to your Academic Advisor (Andrew Morton) or the Assistant to the Director (Shaz) in this room in case you need any help. The Director of Software (Charlie) can also be found in his office inside the SE office. Also on the same floor are the Software rooms. The computer lab, located right next to the office, is where you can find tables, chairs, and computers, and is generally a good place to study. The lounge, located right across the hall from the lab, is for quiet study or lounging. I suggest finding these three places and taking advantage of these resources while on campus!

Wondering what kind of co-op jobs you’ll be getting in Software? Or do you have any additional questions? You’ll be able to find some upper year Software students in the lab and lounge, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Hopefully this is enough to get you started with your journey through Software Engineering. Have fun!

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