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Martha Speaks Vol. 1

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Hello Martha!

I’m going to be starting 3rd year in the fall and I’m having a hard time meeting people. I talk to people in my classes and labs however it doesn’t go further than interacting because of school. I have friends who I love but I’d like to try and put myself out there more. What should I do?

~ Antisocial Arthur

Dear Antisocial Arthur,

I’m sure many people can understand where you are coming from. It can sometimes be hard to go from being acquaintances in class to friends outside of the lecture hall. That being said, maybe you need to look for people who you share a common interest with outside of class. This is where a lot of advice-givers might suggest joining a club, but you don’t have to commit to that if you don’t want to. It can be as easy as going to an event on campus that you think would be fun. If it makes you more comfortable, you could even bring one of your existing friends along with you. I know it can be hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but it might end up being very rewarding in the end. Good luck!



Hi Martha,

My roommate is a gamer. Whenever they’re home, they’re playing League of Legends in their room. It isn’t a huge issue for me during the day, considering that I spend most of my day on campus anyways. However, it does become a problem at night. We share a wall, so when I’m trying to sleep, I can hear them from the other side. They get very into the game and start yelling about it in the middle of the night, either waking me up or making me unable to fall asleep in the first place. I sometimes try earplugs but they don’t always do the trick. How could I get this to stop?

~ Can’t Sleep Clifford

Hello Can’t Sleep Clifford, 

I’m sorry to hear that your roommate is a victim of League of Legends. Although there is not much you can do to completely stop this from happening, there are small things that can help and at various levels of effectivity. The first way will be effective once carried out over a number of days. If you’re able to turn the power or Wi-Fi off, disconnect their Ethernet cable at the same time every night without them knowing it’s you. They might give up playing for a while. Since you’ll be trying to sleep, not having power or internet most likely won’t bother you. 

The second possibility is that you can make an account and ask to play a few games with them. REPORT THEM IN EVERY GAME. They said something slightly mean? REPORT. Their kill-death-assists ratio isn’t so great? REPORT. After a few games, hope that Riot (the company that makes League of Legends) bans them or gets their account either banned or suspended. Bonus points if you’re level 30, and you guys duo queue ranked games (Editor’s Note: Martha said this was “proper League grammar”) so reports might get taken more seriously. There is also a stereotype League players cannot get a girlfriend. Perhaps if you find your roommate a partner they will quit, but if they get heartbroken, prepare to never sleep again. 

If all else fails, invest in some ear plugs and hope they never lose or have bad teammates. But if they’re anything like my friends, absolutely nothing will prevent them from unleashing their frustrations through loud outbursts which include but are not limited to: screaming, punching, smashing objects, and foul language. 

Best of luck, 

Martha, League of Legends GOD

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