Letter to the Editor

Letter from the Editor – Spring Has Returned

Hello fellow readers,

It’s crazy to believe that the University of Waterloo campus has opened up and there are now less restrictions for us to deal with every day. To make things better, the Iron Warrior is back in-person with everybody getting to see each other for the first time since the pandemic hit in 2020. In addition, all of this is happening during the current spring term, where the sun is shining and there are more opportunities to have fun with your friends and relieve stress.

We’re planning to publish some amazing articles this term. We have new members joining us with some great article ideas for the spring term. If you’re looking for any good reads on sports, music, the current news, and more, the Iron Warrior is the newspaper for you!

I’m writing this letter with the constant reminder that I have to get back to working on my other schoolwork before the end of the day. Currently, the Iron Warrior will be continuing with the fully web-based, rolling issue format for our publications, posting articles throughout the term on the Iron Warrior website: https://iwarrior.uwaterloo.ca/.

We are looking forward to a creative, fun term filled with surprises this spring and summer. And most importantly, best of luck with midterms and happy readings!


Athavan (Editor-In-Chief)


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