Engineering Course Critiques: March 14 to 25, 2022

Coming soon to a classroom near you…

Emma White, A-Soc Course Critiques Director

Ahmad Kamal, A-Soc VP Academic

Carolyn MacGregor, Associate Dean Teaching & Student Experience

Hey Engineers! 

Course critiques are back and better than ever!  In fact, they’ve got a whole new format!  We don’t know how the previous course critiques were developed, but we do know that they weren’t developed to optimally gather student feedback.  Thankfully, the University has developed an improved set of questions! Important changes to the format include:

  • Fewer questions to be answered. 
  • Students are no longer asked to evaluate multiple qualities in one question. 
  • Consistent anchor text for questions.
  • Equal intervals between rankings in scaled questions.

For more information about the process of developing the new Course Critiques visit: https://uwaterloo.ca/teaching-assessment-processes/holistic-model/student-course-perceptions

Course critiques are a valuable way for students to give feedback on courses directly to teaching staff.  But response rates have been gradually declining, and low response rates mean that faculty members might not have the same confidence in the responses they get.  Feedback is invaluable in all areas of academia and professional life, and with your help we can make future students’ lives even better.

Between March 14 – 25, visit https://perceptions.uwaterloo.ca/ to fill out Course Critiques.  Make sure you find out from your instructors and professors when you’ll be given class time so that you can complete them.

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