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Distractions Newsletter Vol. V

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The Funny Bits


Theme: Wildcard

1: unit of electrical conductance
4: parent company of BK
7: to stop or to end
9: beauty and the ___
11: black dangly insect that sting
13: to be machine-like
15: Yoruba metaphysical concept of one’s head
16: March madness home to the Wildcats
17: German heavy metal band named after lead vocalist
18: rage
19: Zip a doo dah
20: Aberdeen international on the stock exchange
21: former IOC code for Myanmar
22: plural article in French
23: a type of plastic
25: 1983 movie starring Streisand
27: first name of actor who plays Quicksilver in X-men
29: sorts through
31: symbolized by a lightbulb
34: keeps your pants on
35: organization for collaboration of post-secondary institutions in Ontario
36: squad that Michael Jordan is part of
37: an object or activity that is dull or uninteresting
38: author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
40: ___ Karenina
41: heart, lung, pancreas, skin
43: Nicholas, Valentine, Patrick
45: a leg, usually a woman’s
47: before
48: slide into the
49: a sound a baby makes (twice)
52: Subreddit to ask questions
53: sweet potato
54: type of measles
55: acronym for physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive growth of a child
56: truth
58: Counselor to Bush in 1992
60: mass of small loose stones on a slope
61: send money as a gift
62: ___ with caution
63: day before Sun.
1: tale that idealizes chivalry, nobility, women, fairytales
2: Yee
3: from Japanese city in Kansai region
4: to be birthed again
5: steamed bun often filled with pork mixture
6: what you say frustratingly when you don’t understand something even though you’ve spent hours trying to figure it out
7: to restore to health
8: Hamilton wrote 85 for the Federalist Papers
9: physical structure of a human, plural
10: rolls your car, singular
11: British subculture originating in the 1950s which includes tailored suits, soul music, motor scooters
12: Chuck D and DJ Lord
13: 1966 Rolling Stones song rumored to be inspired by Linda Keith
14: trade show in Vegas
24: prefix for between
26: Saturn’s largest moon
27: to flow
28: Commonly used abbreviation for the character Veokenks of the Dragon Ball anime series
30: medical slang for when someone has a lot of #2
32: long time
33: test for lupus
38: martial art of Ralph Macchio
39: to make a loud and repetitive noise
42: Old Faithful
44: problems
45: a sound a baby makes (twice)
46: Quebec city home to Canada’s first lithium mine
50: Oberlin College Equestrian Team
51: slang for where a hockey player may have spent most of his time as a child
57: to make a mistake
59: pathology resulting in thrombosis in capillaries due to endothelial injury

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Editor – Nela Jankechova

Writers – Kirsten Ehlers, Yonael Debebe

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