Colour Team Description

Light Blue: Heimdall ✔
We are light blue and our theme is Heimdall. Like Heimdall we never tire, we are all-seeing and all hearing. Our battle cheers will be heard throughout the skies, earth, and the lower world like Heimdall’s mighty Gjallarhorn when we are challenged by competitors. We are loyal to O-week and ready to help first years cross the “bridge” to university life. Join us as we embark on this fantastical quest.

Light Brown: Minotaur ✔
Below the island of Crete, Mythical Mayhem ensues! Join the Light Brown Minotaurs as we navigate the Labyrinth, created by Engineers old to trap us for eternity. But be warned, this will not be a straightforward journey. Put your engineering creativity to the test to outsmart the traps and tricks of this ever-shifting maze! With the other mythical heroes chasing us down, the pressure is on to escape and unleash Mayhem on the island before they catch up! Your Engineering Leaders are sharpening their horns and we hope you’re ready to join us and charge head-first into Orientation Week!

Light Green: Medusa ✔
LOOK UPON US AND TREMBLE. Oh wait, you can’t because you have been turned to STONE for eternity. You have been chosen to join the ranks of stone-cold awesome warriors who are ready to fight for the ultimate crown by raising the most mythical mayhem possible. To raise the crown, we must work together to battle our way through quests, challenges, and enemies who wish to deny us what we deserve. Inspiring fear in the hearts of others is on the schedule, and we have chosen the most worthy warriors to join our cause. Get ready to battle, cheer, score, find your place, find friendships, and of course, WIN IT ALL.

p.s. After several tests, we have concluded turning people to stone still works through zoom
cameras. To all others, you’ve been warned.

Light Orange: Midas ✔
Trust the Midas touch. Us here in Light Orange will ensure your O-Week will be one filled with riches – in terms of memories that is. This year in Team Midas, we can turn everything from rags to riches. Our golden touch will ensure we are able to receive the top prize of this O-week and show that our team is the best. We hope that you will be able to enjoy this online experience that you will never forget. So we welcome you to the class of 2025 to Light Orange, or L’Orange for short, and we hope that you will have a golden O-Week you will never forget.

Light Pink: Venus ✔
From the sea we rise and step off our ornate shells onto the virtual University of Waterloo Campus. The lady Venus calls upon all of you first years to use your personal beauty and confidence to build the most beautiful color group team UWaterloo engineering orientation has ever seen. With Cupid’s arrows as our weapons, we will compete in awesome mythical challenges and activities as team LIGHT PINK. Come create tight bonds with your peers, learn the values of being an engineer, and let your divine voices shake the very core of every other team! As the stunning legions of Venus march into the heart of the MYTHICAL MAYHEM, together with your leaders (that’s us!), you will learn about the University of Waterloo and earn points to emerge victorious! In the spirit of love, let’s go kill em’ with kindness!

Light Purple: Osiris ✔
Welcome to ancient Egypt, a time of monsters, myths, and powerful immortals. No being is more powerful than the lord of the underworld, the judge of souls, the all mighty Osiris. Being the Conqueror of life, death, and resurrection, he has conquered all forms of life just as we will conquer orientation week to earn our hard hats!
Join your light purple orientation team in exploring the mythical ways of Osiris and Egyptian mythology as we wake this original mummy to explore the mythical and mystic online Orientation week 2020 together!

Light Red: Hephaestus ✔
The master of the forge, Hephaestus, was known throughout Olympus for his divine works of metal. Our task is to show our true worthiness in portraying his image. Hephaestus lived in a volcano, was skilled in metal working, and a great helper to humankind. Just like Hephaestus we have been tasked with adapting to intense environments (hopefully with less lava), demonstrating our knowledge, and helping one another. Whether it is machines and weapons, or code and biological devices all creations of ours have the ability to be truly divine. To get through engineering you will have to work hard, be crafty, and most importantly work together. The original source of fire burns in our hearts and we will use our knowledge and determination to win orientation week and prove that Hephaestus was an engineering legend!!

Light Teal: Pan ✔
Are you guys ready to harness the power of the wild? Before the dinosaurs roamed, before humans could walk, there were the legends and the distinct appearance of our own (half goat, half man) delighted the hearts of every other being, which is why they named him “Pan” (meaning “all”). In his hoof prints, we shall conquer them ALL. Join us as one of the Pan’s great allies. Together we will use the power of FRYING PANS AND PAN PIPES to lull our enemies into submission and lead them to OUR PARTY IN THE WOODS. With our intelligence, musical abilities, cunning and creativity we will make our competitors PAN-ic (at the disco) as they dance until the END OF TIME.
Light Yellow: Ra ✔
Here comes the Sun! As Light Yellow, you have been chosen as a warrior of Ra, the Egyptian sun King, to bring forth the goodness of the sun and burn through the competition like a giant fiery sphere.
Join us as we reign over all parts of the earth and sky, giving life and burning brilliant bright yellow in the dark of outer space. We can’t wait to see you shine!

Dark Blue: Poseidon ✔
From the fall of the Titans, the King of the Sea rose. Son of Cronus and Rhea, and brother to Zeus and Hades, Poseidon wields the mighty trident to rule the sea and storms. Spending much of his time in his gem and coral palace on the ocean floor, he controls the water and provides safe passage to those who he deems worthy. Known as being bad tempered, Poseidon strikes his trident on the ground to create earthquakes when he is angry, gaining him the nickname Earth Shaker.

Mythical Mayhem has broken out at Waterloo and Poseidon is requesting the help of Dark Blue to protect the land and the sea. Join Poseidon to help him sink the ships of those he deems unworthy and create earthquakes until he reigns victorious!

Dark Brown: Anubis ✔
The Egyptian immortal of mummification and the afterlife. The patron king of lost souls and the helpless. One of the oldest leaders of Egypt. A powerful jackal who offers us protection against wild canines. This is who we represent. Anubis is our guide.

Mythical mayhem ensues at the University of Waterloo and we need your help. Put your canine ears on and join Dark Brown’s legion to bring about the Age of Anubis! Welcome to the next chapter of your life with UW Engineering. With the help of Anubis and your leaders, your lost souls will be found. We hope to see you soon.

Dark Green: Loki ✔
Welcome to Dark Green, where we fight alongside the best tricksters of any parallel universe, the great Loki. In this colour team, we embrace the mayhem more than the mythical. Get ready to “Get Help” as we work together to baffle, prank, and joke our way to winning all of Orientation Week. Loki demands that we all join forces to sow chaos… will you answer his call?

Dark Orange: Hercules ✔
Our favourite hero Hercules is the illegitimate son of Zeus and THE ancient bad boy. He was punished with twelve impossible tasks. He cleaned, he retrieved, and he slayed A LOT of mythical creatures. The other teams don’t stand a chance! Grab your lion skin jacket and baseball bat and help Dark Orange club our way to victory. Prepare to be divinized!

Dark Pink: Freya ✔
“Once, mankind accepted a simple truth: that they were not alone in this universe.” Get ready to travel the Bifröst to Asgard with your orientation group, Dark Pink, Freya. She may be a queen of love and beauty, but don’t let that fool you — as the first to bring seidr (magic) to immortals and mortals alike, she’s a boss not to be underestimated. And our team will not be underestimated either as we adventure through all the challenges of O-Week together.

Dark Purple: Hades ✔
The King of Wealth, Sorrow and Darkness invites you, eager First Years, to join his army of lost souls in their quest to face the greatest challenge your mortal world has yet to see: Online Orientation Week!

Welcome to the House of Hades!

The journey through the underworld will be a difficult one, many harsh video calls and group activities lay ahead. You must closely follow your trusted Dark Purple leaders as they guide you across the cursed River Styx to sweet victory and golden hard hats!

Although in the next few years it might feel like you will need three heads, like our beloved guardian Cerberus, just enjoy this lively week and the start of your (after)life as an University of Waterloo Engineer.

We, Dark Purple, will rise from below to conquer engineering orientation and with us we bring the flames of Underworld to obliterate the competition.

Dark Red: Mars ✔
Assemble Legions! Over the course of your Orientation Week, you will be representing Mars on the Dark Red Team. Together, you will win games, earn equipment, and show your engineering spirit for the honor of your team. Strategy and teamwork are your friends and will make your time here worthwhile. Perhaps some amongst you will become legends in your own right, bringing glory to our patron. You will be guided by your Bigs and Huges to ensure victory against all challenges so fear not! You’re in good hands. Gather your swords and shields for Orientation is here and it’s going to get FUN!
Dark Teal: Davy Jones ✔

Ahoy there, mateys! Welcome aboard the Dark Teal ship. Let us sail the seven seas to find the elusive Davy Jones ship, The Flying Dutchman. The journey is going to be perilous and full of unfathomable creatures. But at the end awaits a treasure, priceless and long sought by everyone. Remember the wise word of Jack Sparrow “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate”

Dark Yellow: Thor✔
The world is at war, and we are in desperate need of those worthy of wielding the hammer. You have been placed among the ranks of Dark Yellow, the mighty legion of Thor. Join us on our perilous journey as we fight to protect our world from threats the likes of Thanos has never seen. We will face dangerous missions, scavenge for lost treasures and earn our sacred tools through grueling challenges. As you venture into online environments and Minecraft tournaments against foes trickier than Loki, bonds will be formed and battles will be waged. Are you worthy of conquering O-Week and ascending to Dellowheim?

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