Keeping track of $$

Welcome to the Winter term! I’m really excited to work with y’all and help make sure that EngSoc’s finances are under control. I spent last term working with directors to make a sustainable budget that works with how the student choice initiative impacts us. We approved the budget at council a few weeks ago, with no major changes. It’s since been sent to WUSA and approved, so we’re expecting to be able to actually fund events for the rest of the term!
This term I’m working on 2 main things: Updating Novelties, and making our budget sustainable. 

For Novelties, I’m looking into getting new items based on y’all’s interests! This means we’ll have to try to clear out items that haven’t historically sold well. These items will be up for grabs in the EngSoc Photo contest, and for prizes at events! (I promise they’re really cool, most people just don’t know they exist). I’m also interested in hearing from you to find out what you know about Novelties and what you’d want to be changed about Novelties. (you can fill in my fancy lil survey here: http://bit.ly/W2020NoveltiesQ) . 

In order to make the budget more sustainable I’m looking into other options for our large costs. Currently our fixed costs are a little higher than they need to be, so I’m working on lowering that somewhat. I’m also looking into different structures for our ECIF and Sponsorship spending. More updates on this during council and most likely at JAGM. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, feel free to reach out and ask any questions you have, I’m available at vpfinance.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca!

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