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New ECE Simar Says Course Announced

In light of the smashing success of
the new, disruptive ECE curriculum the
Electronic and Computational Engineering
faculty announces a new, exciting course:
ECE 12A! This course will be taught by
Prof. Eric Wong.

The first 12A course curriculum says the
first deliverable is to get a full degree from
another faculty. The second deliverable
is to create a startup and get at least
$1,000,000 in funding. Another alleged
deliverable is to create your own course
with competitive, unrealistic deadlines.
Fortunately for the students, this course
should take no more than 10 hours of
startup time to finish all deliverables.

Some attribute the open-ended nature of
this course to the new scheduling concerns
where faculty were permitted 30 minutes
and 3 napkins to develop the entire course.
This proposed additional constraints on
students who now must rent their own
rooms to do work in and make their own
computers from scratch. Prof. Wong
says this’ll provide great opportunities
for students to have industry experience
where they people pay for themselves at
their startups. Additionally, the students
who take this course are now permanently
exempt from PD and are now legally
allowed to leave coop interviews after 15

Luckily for students, the alternative
curriculum has already been posted: Do
whatever the professor says and get free
marks. One catch though: The professor
must say “Simar says” first. Doing
anything the professor says without it
guarantees. Former upper year student
Chris Jain-Wang was failed after signing
the attendance sheet without being told.
Additionally, to make accommodations to
the computational engineering students,
proposed further updates include allowing
getting $5 on the streets as an alternative
to getting startup funding and passing
Ian Devine’s Magic Smoke class as an
alternative to completing a full degree
(with a guaranteed class average in the
double digits).