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Is Capitalism Corrupting Our Memes?

Recently, there has been ads about
Opencare, which is offering customers
$75 to get their teeth checked. One thing
that really makes me want to reee out
and lash out my fortified almond milk
in the gen-Z style is the fact they can’t
use memes.

Anyways, it may not seem like a big
problem, but every time I see a meme
done incorrectly, it triggers me, in a way
only millennials and gen-z’s will only
know. Or just me.

As a gen-z, or millennial, a meme
has a meaning behind it and it is an
unspoken rule to have the meme stay
in the same meaning it first came out
as. For example, the use of the “Shut
up and Take my Money” meme with
Fry in the picture was used incorrectly
in a way that at first, if the picture is
not associated with the meme, it would
make sense. But the picture itself did
not have a caption “Shut up and Take
my Money” in impact font.

Another meme that they misused
is the “Roll Safe” meme, which the
Opencare advertisement missed the
irony completely. I would assume
people reading this would already have
seen these ads, so I won’t go into further
explanation on how it works. In addition,
the two memes that I have seen was
already outdated and not even relevant
anymore. If marketing department
decided to use memes, at least do so
with the original irony attached with the
meme, rather than just adding text that
does not relate to the original meaning
of the meme.

Not only that, I have seen the
university doing the same thing with
certain memes, such as the CECA
petition a year ago, where they used the
expanding mind template but did not
keep the original meaning of that meme.
Instead of being ironic in the last panel,
it just flat out said to do the right thing
and sign the petition, wHiCh Is NoT
hOw ThE mEmE wOrKs.

Anyways, my rant over memes is
over. I should probably start studying
and looking for jobs rather than
complaining about memes, but this is an
important issue that needs to be stated.
If you use memes in ads, please keep
the original meaning and irony intact
with the picture, even if people already
forget about it.