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12425- Spatial Development Engineering

Work Term2019 – Fall
Job TypeContinuous Round,
4-month position
Job TitleSobies Spatial Engineering
Number of Job Openings1
Job CategoryJunior & Senior

Job Summary

Do you have a deep appreciation for
close packed and hexagonal stacking?
Are you committed to developing space
efficient structures? Join our innovative
and dynamic team to develop your
applied 3-D modelling skills in a fast
paced and exciting environment.

We are committed to providing
quality solutions in the exciting field of
space management. Our clients involve
supermarkets, warehouses and moving
companies. We are a global leader when
it comes to developing efficient and
innovative close packing designs.

What You Will Learn

You will have the opportunity to
model crystal lattice structures with a
diverse array of fruits and cardboard
boxes, while simultaneously developing
in demand technical skills such as
operating forklifts and trolley carts.
Every day will bring new opportunities
to develop structurally sound and
spatially economic structures to suit the
needs of our clients. In your spare time,
you will be able to identify octahedral
and tetrahedral holes in our stacks of
oranges and apples.

What You Bring to the Table

– Team player
– Minimum high school diploma
– Must be able to lift fifty pounds
– Experience with spatial arrangement
– Proficient at atomic and supraatomic stacking


$14/ hour