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26523- Adult Network Engineering

Work Term2019 – Fall
Job TypeContinuous Round,
4-month position
Job TitleNetworking and Relationship
Engineering, JE and Co.
Number of Job Openings5
Job CategoryJunior & Senior
RegionUSA -Washington DC or New
York, NY

Job Summary

Are you a current student looking to
pursue a full-time networking career?
Do you believe that you can use your
superb communication skills to deliver
client needs and work with clients on
their projects? Do you dream of meeting
different people regularly in a dynamic
working environment?

At JE and Co. we pride ourselves
on delivering HUMAN Resource
solutions at a higher level. JE and
Co. gives interns ample opportunity to
show and improve their skills in a fastpaced environment. In this position,
you will act in a consulting capacity
to communicate the needs of clients
with team members and deliver on the
human solutions to these complex (or
not so complex) issues. Our goal is to
leave every client satisfied and coming
back as a repeat customer. We strive
to instill a level of trust and discretion
when handling these solutions, given
the sensitive and high-stakes nature of
some of the problems our clients ask us
to solve.

Each day is different, but you can
expect to touch and brush shoulders
with power brokers and the who’s who
of the city on a regular basis through
email communication. You will have
the opportunity to pitch and demonstrate
the effectiveness of our solutions in
face-to-face meetings with these VIPs.

Note: This posting may require
variable working hours, weekend
hours, or travel to remote locations at
the interns’ own expense. If overnight
accommodations are required due to
for these reasons, it is the interns’
responsibility to arrange with the human
resources co-ordinator ahead of time.
P.s. nerds need not apply


– Questioning the viability of your
undergraduate education
– At least 3 years but no more than 5
years of work experience in similar jobs
and in disruptive environments
– Strong technical proficiency
– Strong verbal communicator who
can innovate responses on the spot and
has a knack for “reading between the
lines” (ex/ trying to understand what we
are really looking for in an intern)
– Demonstrated interpersonal skills
and a team player
– Comfortable working in an
ambiguous hands-on environment with
rapidly evolving needs and conditions.
The job pacing can change on a
moments’ notice
-Understanding of targeted marketing
and ability to handle multiple
concurrent streams of communication
are considered an asset
-Skillful at pretending to understand
clients’ problems, especially when those
problems do not actually exist but are
a very lucrative opportunity for the
company and will help the clients feel
better in the short term but actually pose
a very high reputational risk to them in
the long term


Salary based on level of inexperience,
with a fixed minimum base pay and
regular opportunity for performance based bonuses.