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Systems Design Engineering Announces New “General Engineering” Option

Associate Chair of Undergraduate
Studies Marolyn Cagregor has
officially introduced the new “General
Engineering” option, which will be
available to Systems Design students
beginning this fall. Students will be able
to choose from a variety of exciting and
innovative courses, such as “General
Systems” and “CS 100”.

As per SYDE tradition, the new
program will be advertised through word
of mouth. One lucky intern will get a
megaphone and 20$ of Lime credits to
travel the province and proselytize the
program. Students in search of co-op
positions should keep an eye out for a
listing on WaterlooWorks.

Experts warn that this year’s incoming
cohort of Systems Design students
will face unprecedented diffi culties in
explaining to their parents what the
program is actually about. “I just say
it’s like biomedical engineering, but
without the biology part, or the medical
part,” reported one current student. It is
unclear if this explanation will continue
to hold water after the new addition to the

The announcement comes only a week
after the department of Electrical and
Computer Engineering revealed its new
and promising IT specialization.