Coming Soon to a Classroom Near You…

This is a letter from Ashley Clarke,
A-Soc Course Critiques Director,
Thomas Dedinsky, A – S o c VP
Academic, and Ajal Opal, Associate

Hello there everyone! It’s that time
of the term: Course Critiques are
almost here! Once again, they will
be taking place on https://evaluate.
uwaterloo.ca for the majority of the
population. Electronic submission
of Course Critiques will save over
17,000 sheets of paper this term!
Saving the environment, hooray!

Beyond that, electronic critiques
are excellent because they also give
us an easy way to extract meaningful
student feedback, filter out offensive
responses, and help improve the
quality of classes for everyone.

However, in order for this system
to work, we need YOU to fill out
your Course Critiques. Response
rates have been gradually declining
over the past several years, and low
response rates mean that faculty
members might not have the same
confidence in the responses they get.
Student feedback is critical to helping
professors make improvements to
their teaching & courses and guiding
departments in making improvements
to programs, so please complete all
your Course Critiques this term!

Between July 8 and 19, your
professors & instructors should give
you class time to complete Course
Critiques electronically. Make sure
you find out from them when you’ll
be given class time so that you can
bring your web-enabled phone, tablet
or laptop to class and complete your
Course Critiques.

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