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Planet Earth III script – Ezra street

Looking down from two miles above the surface of the Earth it’s impossible not to be impressed by the sheer grandeur and splendour and power of the natural world.

Ten years ago, in a television series called Planet Earth, we revealed many of those wonders, but today much has changed.

We can now show life on our planet in entirely new ways.

Bring you closer to animals than ever before.

And reveal new wildlife dramas for the very first time.

But that’s not all.

Our planet has changed too.

Never have those wildernesses been as fragile and as precious as they are today.

At this crucial time for the natural world, we will journey to every corner of the globe to explore the greatest treasures of our living planet and reveal the extreme lengths animals go to survive.
We begin our journey in a secluded island called Waterloo, home to that elusive and enigmatic creature: the student.

The students of Waterloo are segregated into the Laurier and the UW clans, and regularly snub the other with memes, or by pretending the other clan is a fake clan and thus essentially doesn’t exist at all.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and it is a day for both clans to Waterloo to come together for once in celebration and pagan rejoicing. A day where Laurier and UW can let loose side-by-side, put aside their differences, and get utterly smashed in public.

This is a male, and life here suits him pretty well. It hardly matters today whether he is Laurier or UW, the two are practically indistinguishable. He is currently chugging beer from a three-story funnel in a display meant to attract a mate.

The chanting of his fellow bros has been heard by a female, she turns, phone in hand, to capture the magnificent feat in action and posts it on her Instagram story before moving on. She is not the one, she is just out with the girls to have a good time and is still several drinks from making that kind of bad decision.

Luckily, a mate can’t be far away. The entire population of students is located on the street known as Ezra; if he’s going to get lucky, they’re on this strip somewhere.

But wait, there are predators in this idyllic paradise too. And now, out from around a building strides a Waterloo Police officer in imposing battle gear, ticket book in hand. Students struggle to get out of the warpath of this stranger in their midst, bent on breaking up the greatest party of the year or at least making it a real bummer with a ticket for drinking in public.

Hold on, what’s that noise? Oh, gross, someone is really sick. The police officer’s attention is caught and in the distraction, the students near-by disperse or move their drinks onto private property.

Having narrowly escaped persecution, they leave with an unforgettable experience of how hard life is on an island at the edge of the world.

Next time, we traverse the land to discover a spectacular but hostile world, where only the toughest animals can endure.

This is life in the dungeon of the world.

Basement RCH.

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