EngSoc, Tin Soldier

ITS OVER Woof Woof: Air Buds 2 Part 2

I think an instrument would be just the thing! [ Man ] No, no, no. Don’t blow so hard. Okay, blow a little harder. Okay, blow a little harder. [ Chattering ]Hey, Mike, pass !
– Pick up. Come on. – Come on. Go! Come on, shoot! Shoot ! [ Grunting ]
[ Dog Growling ] [ Dog Whimpering ] I know, Mom. It’s not called moonlighting. Oh, I found it.Yeah, it’s– It’s– It’s– No! It’s not moonlighting. You’re allowed to have two jobs.Hmm ? Mom, would you hold on a minute ? I have another call. – Hello. Oh, y— Q-R-S, T-U-V – Yes, Mrs. Grayson. Hi. – W-X
I figured out why Bolivia didn’t get the napkins. Venezuela got ’em. Yeah.- [ Knocking ] – [ Door Opens ] Sorry, sweetie, that was Grandma on the phone. – How was school ? – It sucks.
How was the trombone? Aw, sweetie.
I’m sorry. You know, we’ve all been through a lot in this last year.
But I know we’re gonna get through it.
This is a good place. All we gotta do is just give it our best shot every day.
Your dad would’ve wanted it that way. I guess.
Sure. He wouldn’t have wanted you being all mopey.
I love you. Check out the new kid.
It looks like he stole that ball from the Harlem Globetrotters.
[ Chuckling ] How you doin’, buddy ?
[ Man ] All right, listen up! Now, you’re here today to try out for the school’s finest tradition:
basketball. Now, I’ve got five of my boys back from last year, including leading scorer Larry Willingham.
Raise your hands, gentlemen. This year, we are goin’ all the way. Why’s that, Willingham ?
– ‘Cause we’re winners, sir. – That’s right.We are here to win…’cause if you can win on the courts,you can win at life.
Get your butts out here. Let’s see if you can play ball. [ Children Shouting ]
What team you playin’ for ? What team you playin’ for ? Who’s gonna win
– Who’s gonna win ? – [ Together ] Timberwolves! – I can’t hear you! – [ Together ] Timberwolves!
What team’s gonna win ? – Good night, Art. – Good night.
Hey, kid, you’re new here, right? Well, uh, I could use a manager.
– Well–
– Manager works his butt off. He arrives before the team. He leaves after the team. Think you can handle it? Practice is Friday afternoon. You be here.
[ Whistles ][ Barking ]
Hey, boy. Want me to get those rags off ya ?
– [ Growls ] – [ Gasps ] Yes, Mrs. Grayson, I know, but that account needs to be zeroed out.
[ Gasping ] Mm. I know. Could you hold on a minute ? I have another call. Thanks.
Hi. Hello? Oh, hi ! Weren’t you guys supposed to start wallpapering today? -Josh, would you eat something, please ? – I don’t know why [ Grunting ]
Whoa. [ Dog Panting ]
You like basketball? Hey, boy, come and get it! Come and get it! Hey, boy. Good boy. Okay, in you go. Come on.
Come on. [ Grunting ] Come on. My mom’s gonna be home at 5:00.
Wait a minute. Hey, boy! Yeah, good boy, good boy. You want it, boy? You want the ball?


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