World Cup Live in POETS

Hello everyone, first the big news, THE POETS PROJECTOR HAS BEEN REPLACED AND NOW IT WORKS AGAIN!!!! I will pause my article for your applause.
Now, moving on. Since getting the projector fixed, my wonderful POETS managers (as well as Laura Scanlan) have been working hard to make sure everyone can enjoy the most popular game in the World. It has led to some pretty fun moments in POETS as everyone has been getting into the games. It was really great to hear cheers and screams when South Korea scored to take the lead against Germany, knocking the defending champion out of the tournament. This is the fourth World Cup in a row where the defending champs have been knocked out in the round of 32. It is also further proof that Germany can never win in Russia. Now that we are closing in on the last games of the tournament, I’ll list the games to watch and my picks so you can all mock me when I’m wrong.
Sweden vs. Switzerland – Neutrality Bowl 2018 (Tuesday July 3rd, 10 am).What happens when two countries who never take sides face each other? The Swedes win, that’s what. Sweden 1-0.
Colombia vs. England – (Tuesday July 3rd, 2pm). Both team played in weaker groups and picked apart their competition. I didn’t see much of England but Colombia did look scary against Poland. Both teams can score so it should be fun. Colombia 2-1.
Now we get into speculation. I’m only going to skip to the final four. So this could be very wrong when you read it. Woops.
Semifinal 1: Uruguay vs. Brazil: Let’s have another Soccer War (Tuesday July 10th, 2pm). Both teams have looked strong and I see them getting to the final four quite easily. Brazil will be looking to erase the 7-1 smacking Germany handed out in the last World Cup in this round. Luis Suarez will be looking to get another taste of Neymar. I think Neymar is going to carry Brazil through while their defense stifles Uruguay. Brazil 2-1.
Semifinal 2: Colombia vs. Spain: Colonial Bowl (Wednesday July 11th, 2pm). Colombia has a fairly easy path to the final four in my opinion. But Spain is for real this year. They will be tough to beat. Spain 2-0.
This brings us to my predicted final: Brazil vs. Spain: Kinda Colonial Bowl Part 2 (Saturday July 15th at 2pm). I’m not going to predict this but it’ll be good.

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