VP Finance Update – Budget Update

So the budget has been approved and directors are operating with a new budget and have begun being reimbursed. This has allowed a variety of events to get off the ground and for the engineering society to assume normal and now I’m assuming I’ve lost most readers. First, hi Ben or Ashley, I remember one of you said you read this. But for the rest of you I’ll try to give some helpful advice for working with me, your friendly neighbourhood VP finance (and potentially future VPFs). First, we deal mostly with money (duh). But this is we write cheques to help you guys run events and make sure events have monies. So this means we can help a lot in the build up to events. But we also run on timelines. This means the more heads up you can give us the better. It allows us to use our years (months, actually but shh) of experience to help make sure you get everything you need for you event. We are also helpful if you need to order stuff for your event or helping with sponsorship and stuff. Basically we can help get stuff in and if you can get invoiced on larger items then we can help you handle that and you can use the engsoc office as a place to ship to that you won’t have to worry about being there for the delivery or anything. The long and short of this article is that it never hurts to come in and talk to your VPF. We are friendly and ready to help.

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