HAHAHA You Thought You Could Get Rid of Me

Guess what?? You thought I was leaving didn’t you…. WRONG. I am here to stay so watch out world. The terror I inflicted as VP Ludent Stife is nothing compared to the TORNADO I WILL BRING AS PRESIDENT. From now on, you must exclusively refer to me as Madam President.

Jk, tbh I am very excited to have been elected as President for the next A-soc exec terms. I’m nervous I’m going to mess everything up and accidentally destroy the society single-handedly, but I have my new fantastic team to save me.

I am looking forward to new adventures, new changes, and new improvements as your President. However, if you feel I am doing an absolutely reprehensible job feel free to use the #NotMyPresident to harass me.

In other news as your Ludent Stife, I want to first of wish Abdullah, our fearless leader, a very happy 24th birthday (old, right?). It’s a good thing he keeps his hair in a tight buzz cut, or we’d start to see his grays coming in.

Some rad things to look forward to on campus: PAINT NIGHT w BEvERages!!!! Coming up soon, you can paint away your stress and relax with some alcohol (this is a licensed event).

EngPlay and Semi-formal are also rapidly approaching so make sure you keep an eye out for tickets!!

Also congrats to the January directors of the month: Peter Dye (he made an amazing UNIX workshop which had a FANTASTIC TURNOUT) and Mathan (single handedly put together an amazing Tubing Trip).

Keep up the great work everyone. I hope everyone’s having a good term. I’m really stressed about everything and life in general, so if you relate and need someone to talk to, reach out to me! I’m always down for new friends.

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