Student Options for Funding Initiatives Where to get the Bucks for your Bang

Being the entrepreneurial school that we are, it is recognized that many of our students have projects, initiatives and ideas that affect the Waterloo Student community. Be it student teams, outreach projects, or augmenting services, our student community is full of ideas. Unfortunately… we’re students. We often don’t have the money to front our million-dollar dreams. That’s where student funding proposals come in. While I recognize corporate sponsorship and donations etc., this article will focus on the Student-run funding opportunities on the University of Waterloo campus

  1. WEEF – Waterloo Engineering Endowment Fund


WEEF is our resident Waterloo Engineering Endowment Fund. Chaired by the elected student WEEF Director, WEEF is a committee of class representatives and they allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars each term to students and faculty.  Applications happen once a term and they like to fund LONG LASTING improvements, like equipment. Students can apply on behalf of teams or groups.

  1. ECIF – Engineering Capital Improvement Fund


The Engineering Capital Improvement Fund is chaired by ME! The EngSoc VP Finance chairs this committee and decisions are made by the Engineering Society Board of Directors. Applications happen once a term (watch our mailing list and Facebook page) and ECIF likes to fund long-term CAPITAL improvements. We’ve funded camera equipment for Orientation Week and tools for the bike repair station. Students must apply as individuals.

  1. SLEF – Student Life Endowment Fund


The Student Life Endowment Fund is a FedS Fund targeted for improving student lounges, study rooms, and other student – focused spaces. This committee is chaired by the FedS VP Internal and four other Waterloo Students. The fund prioritises improving accessibility on campus, and applications are open every winter. Students can apply on behalf of groups that have spaces or as individuals.

  1. EOIF – Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation Fund


The Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation Fund is a FedS-run fund that exists to help with the start-up costs of new, ongoing projects or unique, one-time projects like conferences. This committee is chaired by the FedS VP Internal and four other Waterloo Students.

  1. SPF – Special Projects Fund


This is another FedS fund, the Special Project Fund is focused on supporting one-time projects that haven’t happened before. (This does not support Conferences.) This committee is chaired by the FedS VP Internal and four other Waterloo Students. Students can apply to this fund as members of a group or as individuals.

For more information on these funds you can hit their websites, or contact weef@uwaterloo.ca, vpfinance@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca , or vpin@feds.ca.  Good luck with your projects my friends, and always remember it’s a good practise to ask for more than you think you’ll get.

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