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Grant VP Comm

Hello! My name is Grant Mitchell, and I am running to be your Vice President Communications for the Engineering Society, B-Society.

I am currently a 2B Geological Engineering student who has been involved in the Engineering Society since my 1A term. I started out as a class rep and since then have filled several roles in the society including directorship and commissioner positions. Now, I am looking to go one step further by running for VP Communications.

The VP Communications before me have done an incredible job of gathering data on what you, the engineering students, want when it comes to communications and I want to leverage that as much as possible over the next 16 months. I want to take the opportunity to experiment with new platforms and methods of communicating what is going on the in the society, so that everyone can stay well informed while they are on and off term.

I also want to build on keeping you in the know about what is happening at our conferences and at the meetings our VP Communications attends. I want to make sure that everyone knows exactly how they are being represented at the provincial and national level. To do that I am planning on building on our existing platforms to provide more frequent updates on the happenings at the provincial and national levels in engineering throughout the year.

Lastly, I would like to work to bring the Waterloo Engineering Competition (WEC) into the VP Communications portfolio. This is to streamline the process of selecting and sending teams to the provincial and national competitions each year by keeping it under one vice president throughout the entire process each term.

I strongly encourage you to vote in this term’s vice presidential and WEEF elections. Every vote counts!

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