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Henry VPFin

I’m Henry, in 2B Computer Engineering, and I want to be your VP Finance because I want to use the Engineering Society finances to help bridge the gaps between programs and years. My main point of focus is E7, which involves the opening of the new C&D and the migration of RigidWare, the EngSoc run electronic component store. Both of these services are used by engineering students of all programs and years, and I want to make sure that they are in tip top shape when E7 opens. My second point of focus is the rejuvenation of P.O.E.T.S. As the rejuvenation of P.O.E.T.S.  is a space enjoyed by engineers from all faculties and streams, I want to make sure that it is maintained for years to come. I wish to continue the work of the current VP Finance to replace the worn out couches as well as evaluate what other improvements could and should be made. Last on the list of things I want to work on is Novelties, the EngSoc-run swag store, for which I am bursting with ideas that this paragraph is too small to contain. Novelties goods are bought and worn by engineers from every discipline and every age, even alumni, so I want to help expand its amazing product offerings. As for what makes me a qualified candidate: I’ve been working in RigidWare and Novelties for two terms, so I am very familiar with what goes on in those stores. Also relevant is that I was the treasurer for my high school Cooking Club, so I know how to handle money and all of the procedures that go with it. Lastly, I’ve survived 2A ECE so I can pretty much handle anything. In conclusion, vote Henry B for VP (finance)!

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