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Megan VPAcademic

 Hi everyone! My name is Megan Town and I am running to be your Vice President Academic of the Engineering Society.
A little bit about me: I’m currently in 2B chemical engineering; my hobbies include playing Avalon, ultimate frisbee, Path of Exile and sleeping. I have been passionate about academic advocacy since 1A when I was elected Academic Rep for my class. I still hold this position and continue to pioneer discussion and initiatives to improve my class’ learning experience. My previous advocacy work also includes working with CECA, WatPD and on mental health. I am currently the Student Services Commissioner responsible for assisting all professional development and workshop directors.

 My platform consists of 3 main points:

1. Reinforce our relationship with CECA, WatPD and mental health services to promote student issues. I will hit the ground running on these issues because I have significant experience working with these groups in the past.

2. Expand the document of stances* and conduct an engineering-wide survey to gain data backing these stances. I believe there are more stances which should be included in the document and I will use student feedback to add them. Furthermore, I will conduct a survey to gather strong data which is a key factor in convincing people that change is necessary.

3. Hold monthly townhalls to reach students from all over engineering. To reach students that may not usually be heard, I will hold townhalls in RCH, E5 and CPH** throughout the term.

To learn more about my platform please visit fb.me/Megan4VPA

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and don’t forget to vote Megan for Vice President Academic!

*The document of stances can be found here: https://www.engsoc.uwaterloo.ca/documents/governing-documents/ Each of the statements has been voted on by A and B society and thus represents the opinion of engineering students as a whole.

**licensed event held in POETS, subject to approval

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