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Ashley VP Student Life

Hello everyone, I’m Ashley and I’m running for your next Vice President Student Life! I know that between attending class, searching for co-op jobs and finishing (most) of your assignments on time, life gets busy while on school terms. While school is super important, so is having fun and finding time to do activities with your friends. That’s where I come in! I want to plan the events that you want to attend, and I want to make the current events even bigger successes.

Through my previous experience with the Engineering Society I already have a few ideas on how to make both of those things happen. I have been a director for two terms, so I have experience planning, organizing and executing events for you. In the past I’ve run Semi Formal, which is always a great night but sometimes doesn’t attract as many people as it should. That’s why as VP Student Life, it would be my mission to run Semi Formal as a joint event with another faculty, like Math or Science. This not only doubles our turnout, but also doubles the resources we have to work with and the amount of fun we can have!

While I am going to focus on improving the student turnout to many of the events that the Engineering Society already runs, it’s very important to me that I plan new events that you want to attend as well. By interacting with each class through their class reps and on my own, it’s my goal to run at least one new event per term that is chosen by the student population in general. Whether this event is a trip to play paintball or laser tag, or just a video game and board game tournament in POETS, I want to know the kind of events that appeal to everyone.

I promise to keep you informed on the events I’ll be planning with posters, announcements, calendar reminders and Facebook events. I’m so excited to see what new events we can plan together if I become your new VP Student Life!

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