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Bryn VPFin

The VP Finance position focuses on five main responsibilities each term; balancing the budget, overseeing the society’s store and services, providing sponsorship for student initiatives, managing student spaces and long term society improvement. My goals in this position involve maintaining the current practices and bringing in some new ideas. Balancing the budget has been done well in the previous terms, but I have noticed many of the members of EngSoc pay their fees, but don’t utilize the services provided. I would like to organize and encourage a feedback form throughout and prior to my first term to be able to implement changes reflecting where the majority of EngSoc members think their funds should be allocated.

Sponsoring student initiatives has expanded so much in the past few years, and having seen how it works from being a member on multiple sponsorship committees I hope to continue its growth. I want to improve sponsor relationships by hosting events and activities to thank our sponsors showing them the impact of their sponsorship and how grateful we are to have received it.

Many of the student spaces are hidden in their current location, I think rearranging and decorating the spaces would make them more inviting to a greater number of students. VP Finance includes overseeing: POETS, Novelties, Rigidware and the CnD, which must be maintained and staffed appropriately. I want to look into providing different food options for the CnD that cater to common dietary restrictions. In my previous jobs I have worked with retail suppliers and hope to bring new apparel into Novelties. As well I am hoping to implement “Trade Days” which would bring patches from other universities to UW for a select number of days. I am passionate about this because I understand not everyone has the means to get other schools’ patches by attending conferences and think patch trading can be brought to the school for more people to partake in. Please ask me about anything related to my campaign!

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