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Presidential Bio – Benjamin Beelen

Hello! I’m Benjamin Beelen, a 2B Environmental Engineering student and a candidate for President of the University of Waterloo’s Engineering Society. Here are some things about me and what I want to do, some things I would change, and overall why you should elect me as President.

My primary goal as President would be to cultivate an engineering community. The society’s mission is “to promote a positive undergraduate experience among its members,” which I think is fundamentally affected by the community we build as engineers. This is done by support of mental health initiatives such as MATES and use of the friendship bench in CPH courtyard which has yet to see much society use. I would host a bring-your-own-lunch social at the friendship bench every time there is an advancement or setback in mental health in our community in an effort to bring us closer together in times where we might feel alone.

I have never been on an executive team for the Engineering Society, which means that I will bring a fresh perspective on everything EngSoc. Despite not being on the executive team, I have been exposed to the behind-the-scenes of the society from my experience as chair of the Board of Directors where I observed some of the challenges the society faces and the way the society operates at a higher level.

As a class representative for all my terms at Waterloo, I believe that position currently fails to accomplish its fundamental purpose: to communicate council proceedings to their class. All engineering society fee payers are entitled to know what is happening and what they can expect from the society. Should I be elected president, I would start providing the class reps with carbon-copy information from executive updates and upcoming events.

I am very passionate about the society’s history, traditions and most importantly its future. A major goal of mine should I be elected President is to strengthen the respect and integrity the society has with faculty. The society’s fundamental purpose is to “better facilitate representation of its students on all relevant matters,” which all primarily depends on faculty relation. I want to lead the society back to a place where it can properly represent you, the undergraduate student body.

I consider myself a patient person who can keep composure in difficult situations. In my 1B term, I was presented with an extremely frustrating situation with CECA. Throughout the entire ordeal, I conducted myself in a professional manner, which I would be able to keep while representing the society in its own frustrating situations.

And most importantly, please vote. You are choosing the future of our society and every vote counts.

~Benjamin Beelen

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