Engineering Day

On July 14, 2017, the second annual Engineering Day was held in the CPH quad where students, alumni, professors, and staff celebrated the engineering community and the Tool’s 50thbirthday. Hundreds of people showed up for this fun-filled afternoon of purple-coloured powder and free food. Attendees enjoyed a barbecue featuring the famous ‘Boggan Burgers, frozen treats, refreshments, a photo booth, and purpling. ‘Boggan burgers were provided by the University of Waterloo Concrete Toboggan and Canoe team. The Concrete team served over 1500 burgers that day to all the attendees. The volunteers were flipping burgers and serving buns. ‘Boggan burgers are an age old tradition and are a way for the design team to raise money to participate in the annual competitions. If you enjoyed your free burger on Engineering Day, consider buying a burger every Monday, outside of CPH.

Jim Pike, the Mechanical Engineering graduate from 1969 who brought the engineering mascot to campus when he was EngSoc president 50 years ago, was also there. Unlike his claim to fame, Jim Pike is not a massive tool; the Ridgid Tool is a massive tool. Pike first brought the sixty-inch adjustable pipe wrench to campus in 1967. The Tool was donated by the Ridged Tool Company of Elyria, OH, USA. The University of Waterloo Engineering Society was lacking an engineering mascot at the time. The Ridged Tool Company donated the Tool on two conditions: the Tool would be known as the Ridgid tool and the original tool would maintain its original colors. The Tools are protected by the Tool Bearers out of necessity; after years of having to thwart robberies, the Tool Bearers are responsible for the safe-keeping of the Tool.

Some of the highlights of the event included cupcakes arranged in the shape of the Tool, two ice cream trucks side by side which had ice cream, slushies, and rocket popsicles; human foosball; large Connect Four; purple sharpies; and purpling. Students, administration, and faculty alike had the opportunity to mingle and celebrate engineering together.

Many people were disappointed when the “Dunk your Prof” event didn’t happen. Although this is no excuse, we found out from a credible source that the Dunk tank truck had crashed on the way to Engineering Day. Everyone involved in the accident is fine except for the students who didn’t get to see their favourite professors get wet.

This is only the second time that Engineering Day occurred. It was a lot of fun, and it is likely to become a beloved tradition.

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