Winding Dooooowwwwwn

As the term comes to a close, there’s really not much to discuss. The day of writing for this article is Engineering Day, which was seemingly a large success. We sold a lot of Novelties stock and everyone had a good time. Plus, the exec got to have lunch with Alumni, including Jim Pike, the man who brought the Tool to EngSoc. Small history fact: back in the day, students used to come pay their tuition by cheque, and EngSoc would set up a small table next to the collection area to beg people to opt in to paying the EngSoc fee. Within his presidency, Jim Pike convinced the university to give EngSoc a portion of students’ fees lumped in with their tuition as it is today. This term we collected $48 050.25 in student fees for EngSoc, so we certainly have come a long way!

In other, more current, news, SYDE is also interested in partnering with RidgidWare in a similar way to our current deal with ECE. SYDE wants us to make and sell kits for their students, which will be a huge boon to us.

The Engineering Capital Improvement Fund (ECIF) submissions closed on Sunday, and decisions as to allocations will have been made by the time this article is printed. If you missed the deadline and are interested in applying for funding, you can do so any time at the EngSoc website (bit.ly/ECIFProposals). The ECIF was created as an avenue to improve capital assets of the Engineering Society, its affiliates, and Engineering at Waterloo in general. Any student can submit an ECIF proposal.  This term approximately $2 700 were available for allocation; typically if we don’t get enough submissions, excess monies will be rolled into the new E7 C&D.

As this term winds to a close, we look forward with shining eyes to the next term. For Winter 2017, I am looking for a dedicated director team for the following areas:

  • Novelties (3-5 people) [low to medium workload]

  • POETS (5 people) [medium workload]

  • P**5 (1-2 people) [medium workload]

  • Ridgid Technicians (4 people) [medium workload]

  • Student Deals (1-2 people) [medium workload]

I don’t expect any of my directorships to be too intensive, but I am quite keen on making sure they’re not a position you can hold while slacking off. Pat and I are planning on augmenting the Ridgid Technician position by also having the Ridgid Techs host hardware workshops. We understand that not all people will be suited to both positions equally, so work will be divided based on ability and desire, but we think it’d be a cool idea for the Ridgid Techs to share their technical knowledge not just with each other or individual students who come to the shop, but a portion of the greater student population as well.

That’s all from me for now. If you have any questions for me about director roles or my position (for the upcoming election in the Winter term), feel free to drop me a line at vpfinance.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca. Thanks to those dedicated few who stayed with me and read until the very end. TTFN.

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