Where Has the Term Gone?

Hey friends! I hope you’re all doing well, and I hope that this lovely spring term has been treating you well. We’re starting to wind down a bit since the end of term is just around the corner, but as you know, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to EngSoc!

This term has been a great term for our lovely mascot, the Tool. We had a term-long SCUNT to commemorate the Tool, we had a great birthday party to celebrate the Tool’s 50th Birthday, and we even had the man who brought the Tool to Waterloo Engineering come back to celebrate with us! I had a good time, our 60 inch friend had a good time, and this is the most spirit I have seen for the Tool in the entire time that I have been a student at the University of Waterloo, and for that I want to thank all of you.

This term I have had the pleasure of being able to represent Waterloo Engineering and the interests of the student body in many ways. Firstly, I was chosen as the student representative to sit on a committee to determine who will be the Dean of Engineering for the foreseeable future, and we were able to reappoint Pearl Sullivan into her position as Dean for the next three years. I was also able to sit on a panel to determine the new Executive Director of Co-op at the University of Waterloo, meaning that I got to influence the decision on who will be working towards taking the co-op system at Waterloo to never-before-seen heights. I have also been a strong voice at the Engineering Faculty Council, the Examinations and Promotions Committee, the Faculty Committee on Student Appeals, as well as four different Board of Directors (SFF, FEDS, EngSoc, and WEEF).

Recently, Rachel Malevich and myself were asked to do the opening and closing ceremonies at Engineering 101, which is an event tailored to incoming Waterloo Engineering Students. We were able to leave a lasting message with the students and their parents, and I am very proud to have had the chance to welcome new students to the University of Waterloo in the way that we did. I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of the incoming class, and I see a lot of potential in the future of Waterloo Engineering. Rachel and I have finalized our plans for the Engineering Society’s involvement in O-Week 2017, and we are really excited to get the ball rolling on that.

I have been working with Peter Douglas, the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies for the Faculty of Engineering, on various initiatives. Firstly, I met with him to discuss the growth of MATES and the support that the Undergraduate Office will be giving us moving forward, so we seem to have a plan in place to get that started. Secondly, I have been meeting with him to discuss my initiative of wanting to expand the professional development services that we offer, and I will be attending the Co-op Working Group meeting on July 24th in order to bring that forward to members of our faculty that will be able to advise me on the best steps moving forward.

Lastly, we have hired our incoming commissioner and officer team, and my Executive and I are really looking forward to working with them. If you are interested in getting more involved in the Society, Directorship applications will be coming out soon, so keep an eye out. Thank you so much for such a wonderful term, and I look forward to serving you as your Engineering Society President for the next 8 months. Catch you all soon 😉

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