All Glory to THE TOOL

Dearest students, staff and faculty of Waterloo Engineering,
For 50 years we have been united under the glory of an over-sized chrome pipe wrench. One of the oldest engineering mascots in Canada, inspiring jealousy, awe, and confusion among our neighbouring schools. This was a special year for us, having celebrated 50 years with THE TOOL at our sides. Passed down through generations of Bearers, all sworn to keep it safe during our time here at Waterloo. But without your support over these years it would be all for naught, and for this we thank you. You have been the best group we could ask for, every last one of you has made putting on the mask and coveralls worth it. We love seeing your faces at events, dancing with you, posing for pictures, and showing our beloved mascot off to the world. We love the fact that over the years we’ve had more reason to show our engineering pride. Thank you to the students and staff who have invited us out to events such as Canada Day, the Toronto Pride Parade, Engineering Day and many more. These events have been amazingly exciting for us as they provide the opportunity to connect with not just our students but our community and our nation. With these events, we can say that we are proud to be diverse, we are proud to be Canadian, and we are proud to be pro-LGBT. These are things we cannot express on our own but they are values we promote and values we are glad our Engineering Society stands by. And an overwhelming thanks to all the students who come out to our events! Events like Romantic pictures, Pictures with Santa, and, most recently, THE TOOL’S 50th Birthday have been spectacular. Thank you for coming out, having a good time and taking some cute, funny, and altogether fantastic photos. Together we have made something worth remembering: a mascot and a story that will continue for many more generations. Thank you all.
Keep it RIDGID,
ToolBearer #3

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