Hello friends! Hope you’re enjoying the spring term so far. I always find spring to be my favourite time to be on campus because everyone’s generally in a happier mood and it’s actually nice to go outdoors! Most Waterloo engineering students only ever get two spring terms, so enjoy them while you can! Anyway, here are my updates:


 Have you ever wondered what the execs are doing? Well, you’re in luck because we’re doing weekly exec videos! These videos are meant to provide updates on the initiatives that we are working on, highlight major upcoming events, and keep you informed about major developments and issues that affect the student body. Make sure to check out our first (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFDnjU84qPU)  and second (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzcTKQdgnCU) ones!

 The Snapchat geofilter design contest is also currently under way. We have a few submissions so far but would definitely love more! If your design is chosen, not only will students be able to use your filter around campus, but you will also win a $25 Visa gift card! Even if you don’t think you have design chops, put forward a submission! We’re open to any and all ideas! Full contest rules are available https://www.engsoc.uwaterloo.ca/geofilter-contest/.

 In terms of other internal things, all four VP Comms will be meeting in June to go over the results of the communications survey we conducted back in winter 2017. Expect to see our report at JAGM! The media team is also currently working on more videos and will definitely have a video recapping the term ready by the last Council meeting.


 ESSCO’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) happened this past weekend right here in Waterloo! AGM is ESSCO’s largest conference and represents the start of a new year for ESSCO Council. If you didn’t know, ESSCO represents the student societies of fourteen Ontario engineering schools, facilitates knowledge sharing between members, and hosts conferences like AGM that members can send students to. At this particular conference, the ESSCO executive for the upcoming year was elected and ESSCO Council discussed various issues affecting the organization and Ontario engineering students. A full conference report and video will be released in the next two weeks with full details, but free to ask me if you’re curious about any of the developments that happened at AGM.

 To extend the value of conference beyond just the delegates who attend, I’ve been working on creating a conference take-back ideas bank. This is a list of ideas I’ve gathered from other engineering schools to see how they bring back knowledge from conferences to improve their own societies. The current list includes running workshops on topics like diversity and inclusion, building a pipeline of student leaders, and new event ideas that we could potentially adopt.

 If you’ve read all the way here, you deserve a prize, so let me offer one! If you come to the Orifice during my office hours and are among the first 5 to mention this article, I will buy you a pastry from the C&D. (Executives not eligible. Offer valid until June 16, 2017.)

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