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What has your friendly news reporter been up to lately? Well, if I’m going to be perfectly honest with you (which I totally swear to an oath of honour to always do), then not too much. We’ve had a lot of projects and tests with coinciding due dates and I didn’t even get to find out Riverdale is on hiatus by opening Netflix, because I have not had time to open Netflix in over three weeks – I had to find out second hand! If we’re getting real real here, I haven’t even had time to make dinner for over three weeks, so it’s a good thing so many of the activities and events I do or run will feed me, and it’s also good that Timmies is open so late on campus.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve only been able to make it out to two events, and one was not technically EngSoc.

K’nex bridges at THEMUSEUM

For National Engineering Month every year the PEO Grand River chapter puts together a weekend of fun at THEMUSEUM for visitors. Mostly there’s a TON of K’nex in boxes all over the floor and kids are encouraged to build a bridge strong enough to support 6 bricks. If a bridge passes the test, the kid’s name is entered into a draw to win one of many K’nex box sets.

As a member of the Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering Society (CEGES pronounced “kegs”), I got invited to show up in my covvies and direct the construction of safe and supportive bridges. I also got to play around with K’nex a bit myself. Sadly my bridge on wheels did not support the bricks.

EOT – That’s End of Term y’all

That’s right, EOT was back and better than ever – have -OTs returned for good!? The hype is so real people get excited! There was free food, like actual free food, there was loud music, there were a lot of people, and POETS was actually licensed! It was a 19+ enforced by real live security people! Not only that, even the Tool made a guest appearance, so you know it was a good party.

This is a big deal because, in case you are unaware, -OTs sort of died off like the proverbial dodo a couple years before I came to UW. However, their fame and renown have lived on and as more students who remember good -OTs graduate, bringing them back was looking less likely. But behold, EOT W17 was the success everyone looked for: good attendance, good refreshments, good times. Shame on you if you did not come, I highly recommend the next one because it was LIT and like the Backstreet Boys, they’re back!

Winter Leader Retreat

Well, this event was nothing totally spectacular, just many logistical fun things. BUT the hype is on as the countdown to Orientation 2017 starts up. Yup, we have a THEME which is not something I am at liberty to discuss even in this widely unread column. Guess you gotta wait a bit longer, just know it’s gonna be a great OWeek and it is not too late to apply to be a Big!

As the term wraps up, events generally stop running. Be sure to check out some de-stress activities that FEDS will be hosting if you need them, and never fail to take a break from studying every once in a while to get out and do something fun, eng-related or otherwise. Best of luck with your exams folks!!

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