The Super Bowl is Almost Here!!!

I have a horrible record predicting the Super Bowl. I’ve lost every year for the last three. I chose the Denver Broncos over the Seahawks (AFC West = AFC Best), the Seahawks over the Patriots (they surprised me last year), and last year the Carolina Panthers over the Broncos (the Broncos let me down before). Last year’s loss was the worst though, because I made a bet with then-EIC Raeesa, and I had to write a full article about how the Panthers got crushed. Pure cruelty. This year, I’m just going to lay out the facts, and you can bet for yourself.

The New England Patriots and their quarterback Tom Brady are playing the Atlanta Falcons. Brady gets a lot of credit for how well his teams have done over the years. If the Patriots win, Brady will win another Lombardi trophy, which would make him the only quarterback to win five. Brady put together a terrific season after having to sit out the first four games with a suspension. Many even believe that he would’ve been up for league MVP if he wasn’t forced to sit out. The Vegas odds at the time of this writing have the Patriots winning by 3.

The Atlanta Falcons are fighting for their first NFL championship, and this is probably their best shot in recent history. Quarterback Matt Ryan strung together an awesome season. He threw touchdowns to thirteen different players this year (a record in the NFL) and had a dominant passer rating. He’s the frontrunner for league MVP. The Falcons offense has never looked as good as it has in their most recent playoff games. Against two competent defenses (Seattle and Green Bay), Ryan and company have put up 80 points. The victory over Green Bay was also fairly monumental as it was their last game at the Georgia Dome, which has been their home since 1992. Next season, the Falcons are moving to the all new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Moving into the new stadium with a Lombardi Trophy in hand would be perfect.

This game could also be the turning point in Ryan’s career. He has been verging on greatness for a few years now, but always makes the worst mistake in the worst situations. If he can lead his team to a win and not bungle anything too badly, he can earn some serious street-cred.

Looking at the game ahead it’s hard to decide who has the advantage. As I said, the Falcons have been running hot for the past few games. The Patriots have always had a terrific defense under Bill Belichik. He, and his defensive staff, are incredible at analysing their opponents and picking their game plan apart. The Falcons have a diverse offensive plan which might be able to escape Bill’s wrath. Defensively, the Falcons aren’t great. They were ranked 27th in the league in points against. Historically, the Patriots are very good at scoring just enough points to win, so there is a chance that the Falcons may be able to outrace them. You can’t ever count out Touchdown Tom though. He has led the most 4th quarter comebacks in the history of the NFL, and is on pace to take over the top spot all time on the points scored list.

This is the Super Bowl, where the stakes are high, and anything can happen. Place your bets wisely folks.

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