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Engsoc Events Number 2

Welcome back to my not-quite-a-column (it’s a working title) where I attempt to go to as many engineering events as I can and report about them here in this newspaper. A crazy amount of engineering events have taken place in the past two weeks, but sadly your trusty reporter was not able to attend them all. This week we bring you WaterlooWorks-a-Thon and EngSoc’s minor hockey league game!


If any of you are first years, you probably think I’m being dramatic about WaterlooWorks; it’s just a new system, we’ll all adapt. But I am a firm stick in the mud and I am annoyed that I must learn to use this in my twilight years as a student (ok, well maybe it’s a bit soon to be saying that but sometimes a girl just doesn’t like change!). I attended WaterlooWorks-a-Thon hoping to get a better grasp of the situation, and maybe learn some things to help me get a job. Here’s what some of you had to say at the event.

2A Mech and 1A Mech
Did you find this session helpful? “Yea… I didn’t have any questions today but I know I’ll probably think of some later.” “I already spent the whole week figuring out how it works but it was nice to have someone confirm everything I figured out.”

Civil 1B
“Everything really makes more sense now, I understand what to do a lot better!”
“I’m glad there was someone here to explain everything. The session was really in-depth and went into how to upload all your documents and the process of applying to jobs, which was super helpful.”

Enviro 2A
“#jobmineathon2012 I’d like to thank Tron 2020 for the plugin. Everything is fine, everything is super fine.”

Chem 3B
“It was really helpful. I got to learn how to apply, what the differences between Jobmine and WaterlooWorks are. I’m so used to Jobmine at this point that having someone break it down was nice.”

Geo/Enviro 2A
“ I learned a few new things even though I thought I knew a lot about WaterlooWorks to begin with.”
“It was really good, super helpful, now I just have to create my applications!”

Good luck on the job hunt everyone, and remember, EngSoc runs tons of workshops throughout the term to help you with a variety of things from soft skills workshops in Public Speaking, to Technical Interviews, to various coding languages! Check ‘em all out on the EngSoc Facebook or in the EngSoc section of this newspaper!

Cheering on EngSoc’s Minor Hockey Team

About three years ago in an attempt to give back to the Waterloo community, EngSoc started sponsoring a group of “tiny children with knives on their feet” (not my words) to have fun hitting things with sticks. And yes, there was more than just puck hitting in this game, it got vicious. Last year, EngSoc decided to attend one game in the season in order to show more physical support for the team and have a great morning going hoarse, cheering on a minor league hockey team.

Before attending this event, I had been to precisely four hockey games in my life. I’ve now been to five, but I can honestly say for a non-hockey-er like myself, this game was absurdly entertaining. All the engineers got signs supporting a player on either the Waterloo or Jiffy Lube team, or both, and proceeded to encourage form the sidelines at the tops of our lungs, much to the amusement of the parents in attendance.

It was very quickly obvious that the stronger team was Waterloo: the final score was 4-1 for Waterloo but that didn’t discourage the Jiffy Lubes one bit! Each team’s goalie had some pretty amazing saves, and each team had at least one pretty awesome goal. Although – my personal favourite was when one small child would fall and take down the next three kids with him. Falling children, how adorable!

Overheard on the sidelines:

“I’m really happy to be here to cheer on the teams and give back to the community!”
“I’m on the edge of my seat with excitement! And I’m not even sitting!”
“Why are they so cute?”

So why dedicate precious sleep-in time to some tots on skates? Well as one engineer put it, “It’s so nice to see the kids having fun, and seeing them rush up to the boards and recognize that it’s their name on a sign!” I couldn’t have put it better myself, and when the kid on my sign scored you bet I was just as proud as his mum! Well no, I probably wasn’t, but it was still a good feeling.

Join me next week when I’ll be covering even more exciting events that I hope to see you at!

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