Dan Robinson, VP Education

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Welcome back everyone. For those of you coming back from co-op I hope you all had great work terms. On the subject of co-op, there are several things you should be aware of. First off, the new CEC building is open (Ed: There is an article elsewhere in this issue). If you have a chance, you should take a couple of minutes and take a tour of the building. With the opening of the new building, the implementation of the new online application system is fast approaching. If you will be applying for a co-op job after this current term (i.e. if you plan on applying for a job through co-op for September 2003 or later) you will need your resume in HTML format. The online system will be completely web-based so you may wish to start brushing up on your web design skills. For those of you less web-inclined there will be several good templates available as well. I am also trying to ensure that disclosure of marks remains optional and disclosure of past co-op performance information becomes optional.

Sandford Fleming Foundation Technical speaker competitions are coming up. Dates vary by department, but all participating departments should have chosen their representative by December 31st. Faculty finals are scheduled for February 13th at 10:00 am in DWE 2534. Also, the faculty level SFF debates will be held the week of March 10th, with each department supplying a team by February 6th.

If any of you have any education related issues feel free to drop by the orifice (CPH 1327) and let me know.

Finally, if any classes have not yet selected representatives (academic or otherwise) please do so promptly.

Dan Robinson
Engineering Society “B”

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